Temple Run 2 mod + apk 1.104.1 Unlimited Money

Temple Run 2
App Name Temple Run 2
Genre Action
Developer Imangi Studios
Size 124.5Mb
Latest Version 1.104.1
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 04, 2023 (5 months ago)

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Mod features of Temple Run 2 Mod:

  • Unlimited Money

Description of Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 Mod is an adrenaline-stimulating action game where you will play as a character running away from a monster hunter by overcoming obstacles and collecting valuable items. Let's explore the details of the action game Temple Run 2 Mod with MODRADAR through the following article.

Information about the game Temple Run 2 Mod

Information about the game Temple Run 2 Mod

Temple Run 2 Mod, also known as "Temple Escape Game 2," is a popular mobile video game in the action and adventure genre. This game was developed by Imangi Studios and first launched in 2013. This is the next version of the original Temple Run and has beaten many records in terms of downloads and favorites from players around the world.

In Temple Run 2 Mod, players will be taken into an adventure full of drama and mystery. You will play as an adventurous and curious character, exploring mysterious ancient temples. However, not long after you enter the temple, a terrifying monster hunter will appear and start hunting you. Your task is to run fast, avoid obstacles, collect valuable items, and maintain life to escape this fierce pursuit.

Characters in the game Temple Run 2 Mod

Guy Dangerous is one of the main characters in Temple Run 2 Mod. He was a brave explorer who was always looking for new adventures. Guy has a masculine appearance, with sneakers and a helmet. He is known for his courage and mischief, ready to face any difficulties to protect himself and collect as many items as possible.

Scarlett Fox is a charming and cunning female character in Temple Run 2 Mod. She has fiery red hair, healthy brown skin, and a tight jacket. Scarlett has the ability to jump flexibly and even makes it easy for players to perform quick and flexible movements. With her charm and nimbleness, Scarlett Fox has become one of the favorite characters of female players.

Barry Bones is a stylish and graceful character in Temple Run 2 Mod. He has a striking beard and always wears an elegant suit. Barry is famous for his ingenuity in overcoming obstacles and collecting gold coins. With his unique style, Barry always makes players excited and excited when controlling him on the difficult maps of Temple Run 2 Mod.

The world in Temple Run 2 Mod

The world in Temple Run 2 Mod

The world of Jungle Fall is one of the first worlds that players will explore. With tropical landscapes, jungles and colorful hills, Jungle Fall offers a sense of adventure in the wild. Players will face obstacles such as suspension bridges, waterfalls, and dynamic bridges.

The world of Frozen Shadows in Temple Run 2 Mod offers a completely different experience. With an icy environment and white snow, players have to face the cold of the snowy mountain environment. The ice clouds and boulders will add to the difficulty of controlling the character.

Blazing Sands takes players into a hot sandy desert and is covered in intense sunshine. This world is sunny and red sand where players must overcome sandstorms and bulky sand peaks. This requires agility and good skill in performing jumping and sliding movements.

Why should you download the Temple Run 2 Mod version at MODRADAR

Temple Run 2 Mod is an action game that must collect gold coins to buy items and upgrade characters. However, there is a Mod version of the game on MODRADAR where players can enjoy the "Unlimited Money" feature. 

The "Unlimited Money" feature in Temple Run 2 Mod at MODRADAR allows players to have an unlimited amount of gold coins. This means that you can buy any item and make upgrades for the character you want without worrying about spending all your gold coins.

Questions surrounding the game Temple Run 2 Mod

Questions surrounding the game Temple Run 2 Mod

What is the difference in Temple Run 2 Mod?

Currently, Temple Run 2 Mod has two main versions, the version for Android devices and the version for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). You can download and play this game at MODRADAR on both of these platforms.

How to switch between characters in Temple Run 2 Mod?

To switch between characters like Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, and Barry Bones in Temple Run 2 Mod after downloading at MODRADAR, you need to open the game and go to the character selection screen before starting to play each game.

Does Temple Run 2 Mod have multilingual support?

Yes, Temple Run 2 Mod at MODRADAR supports many different languages, including Vietnamese. You can select a suitable language in the game's settings.

Download Temple Run 2 Mod game now for android ios 

Get ready for the dramatic adventure and join the world of Temple Run 2 Mod today. Discover countless other interesting games with unique Mod features at MODRADAR such as: Fortnite, Running Game.

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