Every moment you spend on this type of game is just like listening and following the music—no complicated rules and an easy-for-the-eyes interface, only the songs matter. If the melody is fast, you have to react correspondingly to it or contrarily. That is the simple outstanding rule of any music games that you can find out there. To drive up the interest, they usually combine with avoiding obstacle element in which your music will stop if you fail during the game. Do anybody like that feeling? Indeed, you don’t.

The revolution of music games has passed through ups and downs, and it is progress that it has reached such a position right now. Although we have mentioned that it contains simple rules to win the entire songs in one music game, rarely can someone do it. If you don’t believe it, give yourself a try in Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, or Edm Rush, and you will see how things go. Can you conquer the whole album? The list of games we offer will make sure that you can’t be able to do so. So, prove us wrong by the list down below.