League of Stickman mod + apk 6.1.6 Unlimited Money

League of Stickman
App Name League of Stickman
Genre Action
Developer Dreamsky
Size 133MB
Latest Version 6.1.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 18, 2022 (1 years ago)

Description of League of Stickman

League of Stickman (Mod, Unlimited Money) is an action game with lots of weapons and fighting but not too violent. Here, you will play the role of Stickman to destroy monsters. The battle breaks out in a row and you will have to fight to the end to eliminate the enemies. Fight hard in the levels, your weapons, your fighting speed will determine the victory.

With 6 positions equipped for each rank, quickly get your weapons ready and get ready to fight. In addition to the support of the weapons, your fighting skills are also important. Therefore, you need to be sharp in the fighting phase to destroy many enemies. FunnyMod still has a lot of fighting games with different stories, you can find them here.


At each year-end holiday, evil spirits are allowed to step through the gates of hell to take over human bodies. However, this sooner or later led to the freedom of the demon lord after thousands of years of imprisonment. He uses his powers and destroys the gates of hell with a plan to dominate the world. At that time, the League of Stickman alliance rebelled and fought. With endless courage, they do not hesitate to risk protecting human peace.

You can use the virtual keyboard to control the fighting character on a 2D graphics platform. The game panel consists of 2 parts, including movement and skill. Each special skill has a certain recovery time, so be sure to pay attention.

Diverse and Unique Characters

League of Stickman has more than 10 different characters including: Ninja, Athy, Gus, Zilong, Feist, Bladey, Shadow Fighter, Monk, etc. Each character belongs to a different class and possesses fighting skills. Especially, each class has the ability to control its own properties. For example, the red class character will have more fighting power, the yellow character will have greater energy and the ability to restore life in battle.

In addition, the green character can move quickly to help you avoid monsters easily. However, to use those special skills, you need to perform quests or accumulate gold coins to unlock them. I recommend mastering a few heroes to dominate PvP battles. Do not play every hero and as a result do not understand anyone's skill!

Download League of Stickman apk for android

Initially, you will not own all of the heroes. Therefore, to unlock your favorite hero, you must use gems or coins to buy in the store. Coins in the game are easy to earn, you can collect a wing quickly and easily. But with diamonds, you only have 3 ways to collect: use real money, watch ads and do some special tasks, of course very difficult. That is why you should use League of Stickman (Unlimited Money). Thanks to that, you can own all of the heroes without spending a penny!

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