Stickman Warriors mod + apk 1.5.6 Unlimited money

Stickman Warriors
App Name Stickman Warriors
Genre Action
Developer SkySoft Studio
Size 117MB
Latest Version 1.5.6
Mod info Unlimited money
Update May 08, 2023 (11 months ago)

Description of Stickman Warriors

Stickman Warriors (Mod, Unlimited money) is an action role-playing game developed by SkySoft Studio that tells us the story of Songoku and the legendary Dragon Balls. This game will satisfy fans of the series because it depicts all the details, characters, and special moves from the series. You will choose your character to participate in the arena and fight to protect the world's existence.

Mighty Saiyan Warriors

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You will reach your dream when you can transform into one of the members of the legendary Z squad. They were sacred dragon warriors possessing outstanding strength, but their enemies also constantly perfected their dark arts to enhance their fighting skills.

The battles will become extremely difficult, and you will have to train your strength and increase your skill level to the highest level to have any hope of defeating the enemy. If you can reach this level, you can use powerful and beautiful moves such as training the Ki ball, shooting the Kamekameha palm, and becoming a Saiyan warrior with infinite power.

Fast-paced gameplay

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Not only possessing epic effects, but the launching speed of the characters in this game will also be extremely fast so that the battles can be as fierce as possible. You will have to practice a lot to keep up with the speed of the enemy and not be defeated by them.

However, the high speed of the battles pushed the stress level to the extreme for the players. You will be amazed at the realism and speed with which the attacks in this game are described, thereby immersing yourself in the battles to become the strongest sacred dragon warrior.

Four Exciting Game Modes

This game offers you four different game modes so you can transform into your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball series and roam in a world full of deadly enemies.

Story mode allows you to embark on an endless journey to discover the true power of the powerful characters to control. Use your declaration of war to challenge all earth invaders and become the true hero of your mission.

Fighting mode is where you fight your favorite opponents in a one-on-one battle. The ultimate winner is the one who possesses true wisdom and courage.

In tournament mode, you will have to fight with 16 elite warriors that have been carefully selected to become the ultimate winner. Defeat all who stand in your way and rise to the heights of glory as a new champion among the sacred dragon warriors.

Before going to war, you can take the first steps on your journey to the top in training mode. That is where you can practice your fighting techniques as well as try out new characters and their skill sets. There is no time limit in this mode so feel free to practice for as long as possible.

Various Character

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Similar to the vast world in Dragon Ball, this game offers 72 different characters with each character's unique skillsets for you to freely transform into.

Please note that characters with high stats are not synonymous with their absolute strength. You will have to optimize your fighting skills to reflect against the opponent's attacks and come up with suitable battle tactics to win.

Graphics & Sound

The characters in the game achieve a straightforward design but unique enough for you to distinguish. The battles will also become more intense and impressive because the graphic effects appear immediately when you use special moves. Moves like Kamehameha or Infinite Instinct will come with neon lights that bombard the screen and create a highly immersive game experience.

Besides, the game's sound is also handled very well to combine with impressive graphics and create eye-catching battles. The characters' words are also taken directly from the original novel to pay tribute to the loyal fans of Dragon Ball.

Download Stickman Warriors Apk + Mod for Android

This game promises to create great nostalgia for Dragon Ball fans by bringing the most impressive moments of the main characters in the series to your mobile device. With fast-paced combat, four exciting game modes, and characters that have made an impression on fans, this is a game you can't miss if you've ever been crazy about impressive game moves like Kamehameha.

Mod APK version of the game will give you unlimited money so you can upgrade your skills and become the strongest warrior without having to do too many challenging missions. So join this game now to be able to transform into characters in the fierce world of Dragon Ball.

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