Prey Day: Survive mod + apk 15.3.05 Immortality

Prey Day: Survive
App Name Prey Day: Survive
Genre Action
Size 537M
Latest Version 15.3.05
Mod info Immortality
Update July 08, 2022 (11 months ago)

Description of Prey Day: Survive

Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (Mod, Immortality) is an online survival game set in the big city of GreenPixel Ltd. In this game, players must try to survive the apocalypse with gameplay that combines elements from craft to construction.

A Pandemic Breaks Out - You Must Survive!

By 2033, humanity is nearly wiped out with the outbreak of an unknown virus. Most people are turned into undead, and only a tiny part of the population can survive. Players will find food, find companions and build a house. You will wander the areas to investigate zombie movement and get some food or supplies. Try to reach other survivors to escape this earthly hell or decide against the hordes of zombies.

Try to get to the end of the story by completing exciting quests, exploring the city, obtaining resources, and crafting items needed for survival.

Society No Longer Exists, You Can Only Rely on Yourself

Although the gameplay of Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse is not new, its implementation is excellent. The game takes place in a vast post-apocalyptic city. With a vast city, you will have access to many storylines and adventures. You can even travel around the neighborhood, subway, mountains, and more as you search for your following challenges.

With a vast open-world packed with loads of fun features to explore, you'll have full access to all the different props and objects placed along the way. Feel free to investigate a household searching for loot, use a crowbar to break locks or fight against zombies, interact with multiple objects around you to find items, etc.

Players will have to reinvent humanity's entire technological chain from scratch. During the adventure, you can find piles of rubble, which may also contain mostly scrap iron. Tools get corrupted over time, and you need to create new ones. This is why you always need a lot of resources. As they progress, the level of experience will increase, opening up access to new technologies.

To make things even more interesting, you are not alone in this city, and many other survivors are also trying to find a way out of the situation. Join them as a force to solve challenges together or try to defeat and collect loot.

The game also has fascinating battles. Sometimes players can stay behind a defensive fortress against enemies. With an intuitive top-down view and convenient touch controls, players can comfortably enjoy exciting survival battles.

Graphics and Sound 

Prey Day has a top-down camera, and graphics are considered quite good for a mobile game. GreenPixel Ltd has recreated unique immersive environments, allowing players to truly dive into the world of zombies and endless survival challenges. Besides, the stunning 3D graphics and significant visual effects will completely immerse players in the game.

Besides, GreenPixel Ltd tried to make sound components with screams of zombies, weapons, or hammers hitting rocks.

Players’ Rating and Experiences

Prey Day is currently free for all Android gamers. Therefore, you can easily install the game on a mobile device without having to pay anything. Many players rated that this game is a bit of a challenge. However, you can always choose a modified version of the game to try out many cool features for free without fear of spending money.

Download Prey Day Survive Mod Apk 

File Prey Day Mod Apk has immortality and no ads. Bots cannot attack players anywhere except in PvP areas. Hence, players can go around the city without fear of being attacked. Also, all ads in the game have been removed to improve entertainment quality.

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