Hello Neighbor mod + apk 2.3.8 Menu/Unlocked

Hello Neighbor
App Name Hello Neighbor
Genre Adventure
Developer Tinybuild
Size 1.1GB
Latest Version 2.3.8
Mod info Menu/Unlocked
Update May 30, 2023 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Hello Neighbor

After a trial release period, tinyBuild finally brought Hello Neighbor (Mod, Menu/Unlocked)- a mobile game about the horror neighbor - released globally on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, the user's data in the beta is also preserved and fully forwarded to the official version of the game.

If just by looking at the name, one can think of a somewhat dated game like Neighbor from Hell. Despite having the same gameplay as breaking into a neighbor's house, Hello Neighbor is a horror game, not an entertaining game, and has more hidden behind those moments of laughter. Let's see if this game has anything interesting.


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The game kicks off when our protagonist, Nicky Roth, accidentally kicks the ball into a neighbor's yard. While taking the ball back, he discovered strange noises in their basement. Besides the familiar noises of metal colliding, there were screams of someone coming from the basement. Although a bit scared, but due to his curious nature, he decided to break into a neighbor's house to check.

It should be added that this neighbor - Mr. Theodore Peterson, or Peterson - is not very ordinary. Gradually, you will discover that he once had a happy family, with his wife and two children. However, tragedy struck one after another, stemming from the death of his wife. Out of grief, his son, Aaron, pushed his sister, Mya, off the roof. And Peterson was forced to lock his child in the basement to avoid hurting Aaron and himself.

So, is Mr. Peterson really a frightening or pitiful person? Are all of his actions inexplicable? Give your comments below after playing the game.


hello neighbor mod

Hello Neighbor is divided into three Acts, and each of them appears to be spanned and years apart. In Act 1 and Act 3, the player's task is to act stealthily, or more accurately, to illegally enter the neighbor's house to solve puzzles.

The puzzles are often how to open mysterious doors, find out what the truth is hidden in the place and avoid being discovered by Mr. Peterson. In Act 2, on the contrary, your task is how to escape the neighbor's "high-walled" house without being caught.

The game does not bring the usual startling scares but instead is the creepy atmosphere that you will feel when exploring the house. No matter what Act, that atmosphere is present all the time, especially when you are caught.

The puzzles in the game are not easy. Although not to the point of absurdity, the game feels like it leaves no clue, forcing players to brainstorm a lot to solve the closed door in front of them.

The problem also lies in that part. It's not that the game leaves you no clue. There are short-lived events, but without paying attention to the details, it's easy to miss the clue in the first place. Players have to find and find every nook and cranny from inside the house to the roof. The sole purpose is to find the relevant items to solve the current puzzle.

Hello Neighbor designs those levels so that players can learn from their mistakes. For example, you have many different ways to trick your neighbor out of an area that you have not discovered, or you can also find new paths or block a certain way so that he cannot easily catch you.

Graphics and Design

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Right from the start, the game's graphics are easy to confuse. It's a bit weird and childish, even too simple, but has its own style. On the other hand, the game has a relatively bright color scheme compared to the creepy atmosphere. Unfortunately, this type of graphics may not be very popular with many players, but I find it quite unique. 

The more I play, the harder it is to deny that this bizarre combination has contributed significantly to my creepy feeling when exploring the house’s mysteries. This is clearly shown through the living space, designed to be somewhat surreal, even with many rather puzzling hints about what might have happened in that place.

What house has a roller coaster, a room full of water with patrol machine sharks, and doors in irrational positions? However, the game's distinctive graphics have made a strong impression on the player's experience.

Download Hello Neighbor APK for Android

Hello Neighbor allows players to play Act 1 for free, but the following two Acts must be purchased. Our MOD will unlock all Acts for you to play for free. Download hello neighbor apk obb with the link below.

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