Zombie Tsunami mod + apk 4.5.128 Unlimited Money

Zombie Tsunami
App Name Zombie Tsunami
Genre Arcade
Developer Mobigame S A R L
Size 72MB
Latest Version 4.5.128
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update April 10, 2023 (5 months ago)

Description of Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami was developed by the publisher Mobigame SARL and had over 1 million downloads worldwide. From its launch, this game has gradually become a monument and an indispensable game on mobile devices.

No Need to Escape from Zombies!

The zombies hack are back, but they won't attack you. Instead, you will experience an entirely new game where you will take on the role of zombies. Comfortably control zombie hordes as they overflow into cities, destroy vehicles along the way, consume pedestrians, and turn them into friendly zombies.

zombie tsunami game play

Try to collect as many zombies in the group as possible, and don't risk losing your party members every time you pass the obstacle. Ride for as long as possible and keep turning others into zombies so you can continue your run.

Fun Missions to Explore

Zombie Tsunami is an endless running game. All you have to do is control the zombies to jump to avoid obstacles or jump over deep holes by touching anywhere on the screen. The game requires the ingenuity and reflexes of the player when many bombs and holes are obstructing. Just one mistake, you can directly destroy the entire zombie army you built.

zombie tsunami game features

You will transform into an army of zombies to attack major cities in the world. You should try to eat meat and turn as many people into zombies as possible. If you have enough money, you can upgrade, starting with two, three, or a maximum of five zombies for a more promising start.

You are allowed to receive dozens of spells unique to the zombie swarm and can turn them into almost anything. Ride on motorbikes as a group of zombies, plunge into obstacles in front of you and knock them out quickly with a group of midfielders.

Players are also allowed to receive dozens of different upgrades to apply to each form. Giant zombies can shoot lasers out of their eyes, ninjas can perform double jumps, midfielders can toss things more comfortably, and so on. There is no limit to the power and potential of the zombies.

Along with the coins earned during the run, you can receive great rewards by completing missions and goals. Zombie Tsunami has over 300 different entertainment tasks, and you will never find yourself having a dull moment in this game.

There is also the appearance of fantastic zombie birds that players can carry on the run. With unique powers and abilities, they will provide special effects to the zombie army. It also helps players capture pedestrians along the way.

The game also has unique achievements that players can choose from to complete and unlock individual titles.

Design and Interface

zombie tsunami in game graphics

Zombie Tsunami has smooth and satisfying gameplay, which will be a great game to enjoy on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. The game has intuitive but straightforward graphics with music that completely immerses you in endless zombie-running experiences.

Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk for android

The game has more than 300 missions to explore, and they are fascinating. Game design is not too fussy but enough to make players satisfied. Simple graphics will make it easy to use with any device without worrying about the phone's configuration.

In general, most players’ goal when playing Zombie Tsunami is to unlock pets and unique outfits. To do this, you have to play many times, watch many promotional videos and save money in the long run. However, the Mod Apk file will make the entertainment process much easier by giving you many gold and diamonds from the very beginning.

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