Universe in a Nutshell mod 1.3.0 Unlocked

Universe in a Nutshell
App Name Universe in a Nutshell
Genre Education
Developer Wait But Why & Kurzgesagt
Size 172M
Latest Version 1.3.0
Mod info Unlocked
Update July 08, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Universe in a Nutshell

The Universe in a Nutshell Mod Apk is an educational game inspired by the book of the same name by Stephen Hawking - a famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist. This app promises to bring many exciting insights for users.

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Questions about the Universe Answered

Have you ever wondered which elephant species is the largest in the world and what their length is? Or something more macro like the structure of white blood cells or what makes life?

universe in a nutshell storyline

The Universe in a Nutshell game will probably answer most such questions. However, the answers did not appear intuitive or included with the question. All knowledge is modeled into images and corresponding information.

By swiping the screen to Zoom In and Out, you will discover from the microscopic world, reflecting every atom, every cell in the body, the vast universe, about the formation and development of stars in the galaxy.

In the left corner of the screen, you can see a ruler with values ​​ranging from 10e-35 (m) to 10e26 (m). That is what humans can observe and understand. You can also slide this ruler to a different range of values ​​to find the corresponding value.

What Can Users Learn from the App? 

Most of the time, the knowledge provided in Universe in a Nutshell has been refined and condensed with relatively concise, easy-to-understand text.

The manipulation in the game is straightforward, mainly just drag and touch. Drag to do Zoom in, Zoom out, and tap to find out what you want to know, like "What's the distance between the Milky Way and the nearest galaxy?" or "What is the structure of the carbon atom, and why is carbon important in life?".

At the same time, the app doesn't integrate advertising or purchases. When buying this game from Google Play or App Store, players can still experience it even without an internet connection.

Easy to Learn and Entertain

universe in a nutshell in game graphics

The Universe in a Nutshell was inspired by the website The Scale of the Universe. If you ever visit this website, you will find that they are pretty similar. However, the arrangement of components and knowledge still differs. Overall, this game is more detailed and convenient to help players explore.

Let’s Learn and Explore!

There's a lot to learn about the universe, ranging from epic galaxies to the smallest particles. With Universe in a Nutshell Mod Apk, you will travel through different dimensions and explore every aspect of the universe. With this app, you will have a whole experience of what's going on. The game will allow you to compare different features of the universe and planetary celestial bodies.

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