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Toca Boo
App Name Toca Boo
Genre Educational
Developer Toca Boca
Size 82.7MB
Latest Version OBB
Mod info All unlocked
Update October 27, 2021 (1 years ago)

Description of Toca Boo

Toca Boo - A Great Education Games

Toca Boo Mod
Toca Boo Mod

Toca Boo is an entertaining and exciting baby app. Players will pretend to be a ghost, hide, and go to scare everyone in the family to make them afraid. However, remember to avoid places with light if you don't want to be detected!

Entertaining and exciting baby app.
Entertaining and exciting baby app.

Toca Boo is not exactly a horror game, but more precisely, it is an attractive entertainment application for children. Join the game; your child will play the role of Bonnie. All six members of Bonnie's family are very fond of scaring others. And after many times being intimidated by other members, Bonnie decided to disguise herself as a ghost to "retaliate" everyone.

Horror scene
Horror scene

Interesting Features in the Games

Intimidation scares another member: Fly around the house and look for everyone in the family; you can also hide under tables, behind curtains, or under blankets. Remember that you can walk through every corner of the room but stay away from light places because otherwise, you will be detected. Make unexpected noises, turn on the kettle and make the members nervous. Can you hear their pounding hearts? That's when people are very scared. So your prank is successful!

Humor: Help your baby turn on disco and dance, chew peppers in the kitchen for extra scares, enjoy invisibility and find lots of different hiding places, even in the toilet.

Mysterious and unique game design: The simple and beautiful design will help the little ones travel through the world of Toca Boo with ease and excitement. The game has all six different characters that are extremely cute and let you explore every corner of the mysterious, large house.

Mysterious and unique game design
Mysterious and unique game design

In particular, you can download the Toca Boo Mod Apk version according to the link we provide to enjoy the Unlock All feature. With this version, the entire content of the game has been unlocked. You can choose any content you want and play for free.

Game Toca Boo for Android is for children as young as four years old, but it can also appeal to older players. The hidden game is full of surprises and fun; there are no limits. The game has quite eye-catching images, with the creation of ghost role-playing characters to family members appearing in turn. In addition, the sound in the game also makes the player feel a bit creepy when the ghost jumps out to scare them. Download the game Toca Boo to join your family members and children in this exciting ghost scare game!

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