TEPPEN mod + apk 3.2.5 (build 3020500) Updating

Genre Card
Developer GungHoOnlineEntertainment
Size 88MB
Latest Version 3.2.5 (build 3020500)
Mod info Updating
Update April 14, 2022 (7 months ago)

Description of TEPPEN

TEPPEN is a fantastic card game from GungHoOnlineEntertainment. This game is a combination of card games and fighting games. When you play the game, you will be the commander of famous superheroes from Monster Devil, Devil May Cry, Street Fight, Resident Evil, and Capcom.

A Novel and Intriguing Plot

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TEPPEN is about eight heroes who fight a war in virtual land to discover the truth. The hero's journeys are stories in the Capcom universe. Players will be surprised by the new, appealing storyline. You can also learn more about Capcom's superhero universe by playing the game.


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TEPPEN's game rules are also simple and straightforward. Each player can draw up to 3 monster cards and can use additional support cards. Straight cards will compete against each other based on their attack power and health. The game has some similarities with the game Clash Royale. Depending on the card, playing it consumes energy. And because the energy will be restored over time, you must use stars wisely.

Of course, your character also has a certain amount of blood. When your defense no longer has a card that can directly attack, you lose health equal to the card's attack power. Each character also has unique skills to help you "turn the tables."

The Combat System and Game Mode

teppen mod apk

The matches in TEPPEN are fast-paced battles for life anywhere, anytime. You will be in crazy fighting and will be forced to use your strategic skills to win.

You can play the game in a variety of modes. You can play solo. In other words, you will play the story of each hero to explore the superhero universe. Besides, you can also play ranked matches. Rankings will be updated so you can see your number. You can also enter practice mode to try out your strategies and become the best player.

Main Features

You can create your deck of cards with any character you love. You can stand shoulder to shoulder with the superheroes to save the universe.

The games and superheroes in TEPPEN are incredibly diverse: Chun-Li and Ryu from Street Fighter, X from Megaman, or Dante from Devil May Cry. There are also many other Capcom universe heroes. Some heroes will be added in the following updates.

To play the story mode of your favorite character, you must first unlock it. You must unlock each hero and experience each of their storylines in their entirety, with no shortcuts.


TEPPEN is at the top of the game in terms of graphics, with stunning and eye-catching graphics. The superheroes are magnificently portrayed. You will experience highly realistic graphics that other games cannot match. The game not only gives you the impression of superhero stories, but it also provides the best experience.

Download TEPPEN APK for Android

TEPPEN is a fantastic game with excellent graphics created by GungHoOnlineEntertainment. Even though the game has only recently been released, it already has millions of players.

Quickly join the Capcom universe and do not miss the fascinating stories of superheroes or the top matches with people worldwide.

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