Stealth Master mod + apk 1.11.9 Unlimited Money

Stealth Master
App Name Stealth Master
Genre Action
Developer Karaband
Size 120.7Mb
Latest Version 1.11.9
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update July 31, 2022 (10 months ago)

Description of Stealth Master

Stealth Master Mod Apk is an intrusive-style action game from developer Saygames. You will transform into funny mini Ninjas and find a way to break into buildings with tight security systems in this game. Fight with security forces and complete assigned contracts, thereby unlocking rewards such as money or heavy weapons.

Ninja In Modern Times

Perhaps we are not too familiar with the Ninja; they are mercenary individuals and organizations operating in secret during the historical period of Japan and serving the Imperial Family. However, Stealth Master Mod apk gives us a pretty fresh perspective on how these ninjas work in the 21st century.

You will be given mysterious contracts from a masked person. These contracts require you to break into high-security buildings and take out the police force there. However, things are not so simple. Contracts always have traces of that masked person, possibly the game's final boss, and your task is to string together the information you have to find him.

Challenging Missions

The game's character control system consists of two parts: The navigation key on the left allows you to move the character to the desired location. In contrast, the skill manipulation on the right will enable you to fight enemies and destroy them.

With the skills of Ninja, you will upgrade the job of an ordinary mercenary to become a professional assassin. Not only kill the enemy, but you have to do it quickly to avoid being detected by the security cameras.

As you go to the following contracts, their difficulty will increase. The missions will become extremely difficult and bloody with the bad guys constantly appearing and attacking you from all sides. You will have to use all the skills and equipment you have to be able to defeat them all and find the hints that the contract brings.

The Reward For Your Efforts

The more you fight, the stronger you will become with the rewards you get after completing complicated contracts. Those are special skills or high-damage weapons that can destroy enemies on a large scale. You can even combine two skills or two different weapons for a massive increase in damage.

In addition, you can also receive money and accumulated points after completing assigned tasks. Money can be used to buy new weapons, equipment, and clothes, and they will correspond to the difficulty of your mission. Meanwhile, the accumulated points will help you upgrade everything for the character and can be used to unlock a new character for you to incarnate.

Graphics And Sound

This game doesn't have excellent graphics, but it's dark and mysterious enough to make players scared and curious. That mystery also appears in the main character's image; it makes you not even know if you are controlling a good person or a bad guy when participating in the game.

Creepy sound effects blend seamlessly into Stealth Master's breathtaking action sequences. You can feel every footstep, every breath, whisper, or dropped object rendered in a highly detailed and realistic. They will startle you and create an atmosphere full of tension so that you can immerse yourself in the fierce world of the game.

Download Stealth Master Mod apk for android

If the Ninja still exists today, likely, they are still out there somewhere doing tasks like in this game. The missions in the game are very fierce, such as breaking into a high-rise building and stealing a vital document or assassinating the head of the security department to create political advantage. These very realistic missions combine with the realistic graphics and sounds of the game to make you believe in the world that the publishers of Stealth Master have created.

If you are interested in these mysterious Ninjas and want to instantly have the maximum amount of money to upgrade equipment, the Mod APK version of the game will make a great choice. It won't even insert any annoying ads into the game to interrupt your entertainment time. So join this game now to transform into mysterious Ninjas and make risky contracts!

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