Royal Match mod 15864 Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins

Royal Match
App Name Royal Match
Genre Puzzle
Developer Dream Games, Ltd.
Size 173M
Latest Version 15864
Mod info Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins
Update June 03, 2024 (1 weeks ago)

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Mod features of Royal Match Mod:

  • Boosters increase when spent.

Description of Royal Match

Royal Match Mod is an interesting match-3 puzzle game with beautiful graphics. The player's task in this game is to accompany King Robert in the construction of his royal castle. Let's learn about the Royal Match Mod game with MODRADAR through the following article.

Introduction about the game Royal Match Mod

Introduction about the game Royal Match Mod

Royal Match Mod gives you thousands of interesting levels of play. Every time you complete a level, the difficulty increases significantly. You will continue to participate in the next levels, with significantly more difficult requirements. You will need to collect more items and face tough challenges during the puzzle.

Besides the difficulty of the game, the rewards after each level are also very attractive. However, to pass the levels of play, you need to constantly improve your puzzle skills. Try to pass the previous puzzle levels to improve your level. At the same time, use support tools intelligently and flexibly when necessary. Only when you do that can you face tougher challenges and complete tasks excellently.

The attractions included in the game Royal Match Mod

The attractions included in the game Royal Match Mod

Let's explore with MODRADAR the attractions included in the Royal Match Mod game.

Join the puzzle arena in Royal Match Mod

In Royal Match Mod, you can consider this game as part of a great journey, a trip to protect and develop your kingdom. The main objective of the game is to accumulate wealth through virtual money, which is the basis for building and strengthening your monarchy. The development team of the game has created many interesting gameplay styles for players to enjoy.

One of the ways to solve puzzles in the game is to arrange the same blocks. To earn points, you need to stack at least three identical blocks on top of each other so that they disappear. The time limit was an added challenge, making the original model more complex. Each level has its own time limit associated with it.

Items in Royal Match Mod

Royal Match Mod game is special with diverse and unique objectives at each level of play. In this game you will meet books, leafy trees, crowns and shields that are important objectives. To complete each level, you need to collect the required objectives. This requires you to align and connect at least 3 identical goals or create special ones by combining them.

The connection of goals will bring very impressive blows. For instance, if you combine 6 identical goals, you will create a special sphere. By using this orb, you can create a powerful explosive effect. The number of objectives combined in each turn will determine the type of shot you can take, be it a propeller or a gyroscope. These shots will help you collect more goals and achieve a higher score.

Create and explore new territories in Royal Match Mod

Decorating space or experiencing travel to new lands are two interesting and attractive activities. This gives you a great approach to evaluating the design and beauty of different environments by changing interiors and incorporating new elements. You step out of the old beauty to create a whole new space. The palace contains countless conference rooms where you can explore and showcase your artistic talent. These elements are added to increase the interactivity and effectiveness of the game. In each game, players have a lot of alternatives to enjoy. That is why players will continue to participate in Royal Match Mod for a long time.

Questions revolving around the game Royal Match Mod

Questions revolving around the game Royal Match Mod

MODRADAR will help everyone answer a few related questions about the Royal Match Mod game.

How to win in Royal Match Mod?

To win in Royal Match Mod, players need good tactics, logical thinking, and foresight. Combine gems intelligently to create special effects and score high.

Does Royal Match Mod have an offline game mode?

Yes, players can play Royal Match Mod in offline mode. However, some in-game features and events may require an internet connection to access.

Is there a mobile version of Royal Match Mod?

Yes, Royal Match Mod has mobile versions for iOS and Android operating systems. You can download and install the game on the app stores of these two platforms.

Download Royal Match Mod game now for android ios 

The game Royal Match Mod gives players hours of relaxation and great entertainment. There are many attractive games of many genres at MODRADAR for players to download experiences such as: Super Meat Boy Forever, Traffic Jam Fever.

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