Real Racing 3 mod + apk 10.7.2 - for North America Money/Gold

Real Racing 3
App Name Real Racing 3
Genre Racing
Developer Electronic Arts
Size 46MB
Latest Version 10.7.2 - for North America
Mod info Money/Gold
Update September 13, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Real Racing 3

If you like speed, you probably want to drive expensive supercars at speeds of more than 200 km/h on wide roads. However, it won't be easy. Such driving necessitates several unique requirements and conditions, and it is also dangerous for both drivers and others. As a result, racing games like Real Racing 3 (Mod, Money/Gold) are designed to help players satisfy their desire for speed.

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Real Racing 3 is a game for speed enthusiasts. Players will take the wheel of well-known automobiles. The game also allows you to compete in dangerous races that provide intense experiences. As a result, you will be thrilled but highly excited. Take command of your vehicle and stake your claim on the track.


Your goal is to steer the vehicle and be the first to cross the finish line. In other racing games, you can cheat to beat your opponents. For example, you can ram other cars and force them off the track. However, you can't do that in Real Racing 3 Hack. You must maintain focus to avoid causing accidents. However, if you collide with a wall or fence, your car will be damaged, and you will have to repair it regularly.

With virtual keys, you can change the vehicle's speed and acceleration. Tilt your device left or right to direct the car in the desired direction. You can also adjust the steering wheel's position on the left or right side of the screen to suit your needs.

Game Modes

The game mode is also quite varied for you to try. Each will present you with unique challenges. In particular, the TSM mode will recreate the racing journey performed by Al. With multiple game modes, you can compete with other gamers around the world. With many different tracks, you will feel that you are traveling around the world. All maps are displayed as if you were watching an actual race.

Car System

If you enjoy racing cars, Real Racing 3 is a great game to play. The game includes over 100 vehicles from various manufacturers such as Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Each car has a unique feature.

You will start the game with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS to do some basic instructions. Then you can buy other cars including popular cars and premium cars. However, to buy luxury cars, you have to use the money to own them. Try to complete your missions well to bring in more bonuses and buy vehicles that you like.

Graphics And Sound

Many people will probably compare this game to Asphalt. Naturally, Asphalt is one of the games with the most beautiful graphics on the mobile platform. However, it still has some unnecessary effects that reduce the available realism. In contrast, Real Racing 3 does not have any redundant effects during the game. Cars with simulated real-world movements and crashes give you the most realistic driving experiences.

With sharp 3D graphics and a high level of realism, the game's sound is also imposing, with engine noises and tire sounds that make you feel like you're on a real race track. Furthermore, the publisher continues to provide players with updates regularly. It means that EA is very concerned with the player's experience and is constantly trying to surprise users.

Player Experience

Most players appreciate this game. They had a good time playing it. In particular, they love the game's graphics. Therefore, it is rated 4/5 stars and received more than 100 million downloads on Google Play. These figures are indeed impressive. However, some players think that the vehicles in the game are pretty expensive. Hopefully, game developers will pay attention to this factor in future versions.

Attractive gameplay, stunning visuals, and realistic graphics are the things to say about this game. Despite some flaws, Real Racing 3 remains one of the best traditional racing games available today. Furthermore, with real racing 3 mod apk all unlocked version, you will have a lot of money thanks to the unlimited money feature.



What are the configuration requirements of the game?

It requires devices running Android 4.1 and above.

What is the price of the In-app items?

Their prices are from $0.99 - $99.99 per item.

What language does this game support?

It only has English.

Tính năng MOD là gì?

Phiên bản MOD được trang bị tính năng vô hạn tiền và vàng.

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