Phigros mod + apk 1.6.9 Songs Unlocked

App Name Phigros
Genre Music
Developer PigeonGames
Size 638.5MB
Latest Version 1.6.9
Mod info Songs Unlocked
Update April 21, 2022 (7 months ago)

Description of Phigros

First Look at Phigros 

Are you a music lover? And do you like the excitement? Are you always looking for a game or application that can satisfy your passion for music? Phigros is unquestionably the one for you. Welcome to the game, where you can feel the rhythm of the songs on your fingers. You will embark on an adventure to discover melody and light.

Video Game Trailer

New Rhythm Gameplay

The goal of most music games is to accumulate notes per track and Phigros is no different. When you play a track, the notes progress from top to bottom. And your task will be to collect music notes using four other actions: touch, slide, hold, and flick. You win if you get enough notes at the end of the song.

However, the main point of this game is the line in the center of the screen. If you accidentally miss a few notes, the stage continues. However, the music notes you just missed will push the line down. You will lose and have to start over once the bar reaches the bottom of the screen.

game phigros mod apk

It's not easy to win in Phigros. At the beginning of the song, the rhythm is still relatively slow. You can easily collect music notes. However, you should not be subjective. Later in the song, the tempo will pick up. It means that the notes are densely packed. Furthermore, the line can be rotated, reversed, or rotated continuously. As a result, you must be quick and flexible to collect as many notes as possible.

Besides, the game has a ranking system. At the end of each level, you can view your score. There will be three levels based on the number of notes you collect: excellent, good, and bad.

Walking With The Musical Notes

phigros mod

For music games, sound is the most crucial factor. Players only find it fun and enjoyable when they can make beautiful and high-quality music. With a realistic sound system and good songs, players will feel like real artists. The game currently has 25 tracks from the world's top musicians. You will be immersed in an emotional world. In the future, players may have many more new things. Besides, you can also adjust volume and some effects in the settings.

Vivid Effects

phigros mod apk

Although it is a music game, you can fully satisfy the graphics of this game. The effects in the game are meticulously designed with a combination of modern art style and block art. They appear with musical notes to enhance the player's experience. Besides, you can also unlock beautiful anime characters.

Player Experience

Players say that the Gameplay is hugely creative, and they also love the song list. The game is also not too difficult. Gamers are amazed when there are no ads in the game. It is not a pay-to-win game. However, some users claim that when they reinstall it, they lose all of their data. They propose that the game include a new system for saving data to the cloud. Hopefully, game developers will pay attention to this problem.

Download Phigros for Free

Phigros is one of those entertaining music games that you should not pass up. You will never be bored again with this game. It will take you on a unique musical adventure. Download and enjoy it right now !

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