Parkour Race mod + apk 1.9.6 Unlock All skin

Parkour Race
App Name Parkour Race
Genre Sports
Developer Madbox
Size 64.7MB
Latest Version 1.9.6
Mod info Unlock All skin
Update April 19, 2022 (7 months ago)

Description of Parkour Race

Parkour Race from Madbox will give you the opportunity to experience the feeling of climbing on skyscrapers in the city and compete with other competitors to win the Parkour champion.

For lovers of mobile games, they are no stranger to publisher Madbox through games with unique themes along with innovative and engaging gameplay. In their latest product, Parkour Race, the game has become a massive hit globally with more than 5,000,000 downloads from Google Play and thousands of positive ratings from players. In today's post, let's explore the source of this game's allure and why parkour fans so love it.

The Gameplay Is Simple But Attractive

game parkour race mod apk

Players will not have any difficulty getting used to the game's control system, as the system will give you the necessary instructions in the first play. To start, you will touch and swipe the screen to navigate; then, the character will automatically move and perform beautiful Parkour moves to overcome the obstacles in front.

In the following levels, the difficulty will be increased, and your journeys will become more challenging. You will have to deal with more complex terrain complemented by high walls and narrow ravines. Not only that, but the obstacles will be arranged in dangerous positions, and if you are not careful, your character will stumble and be left behind by other opponents. You will become the Parkour champion if you overcome all the challenges on the journey and beat all other opponents to reach the finish line first.

Take Advantage Of The Boosters To Fastest Reach The Finish Line 

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Along the way, boosters will appear randomly to help with special skills for players who pick them up. These skills include jumping higher and increasing instant speed. They will be helpful when you encounter high walls that if you can't jump to get over, you will have to take a detour and spend more time. Remember, speed is the most important factor and directly affects the race's outcome.

Also, please make the most of cable shafts because they will help you go through many buildings at once in a short amount of time. If you find these cable shafts, you will be far ahead of the rest of the competitors and reach the finish line at full speed.

Practice your skills regularly, and always keep an eye out for items and cables that appear along the way. If you can do these things well, you will possess extremely high movement speed to overcome obstacles and not give your opponents any chance to win.

Unlock Unique And Engaging Skins

parkour race mod apk

Your rewards will depend on your rank after each race; they will be keys to open secret gift boxes or gold coins that you can use to buy unique costumes in the shop.

Although there are no upgrade features for you to increase the skills of the characters you control, the developer of Parkour Race will make up for that by providing innovative skin collections for you to change the character's appearance at will.

All the most fantastic and trending ideas about outfits are available in this game. For example, you can transform into Songoku in Dragon ball or fly around the city with the appearance of Captain America in the famous Marvel franchise. All are sold in the shop, and you will own them if you have enough gold needed.

In addition, you can challenge with new terrains through diverse terrain packs. They are also an exciting addition for players to experience new feelings when participating in this game constantly.

Two Challenging Game Modes

The developer offers players two choices of game modes with different properties: Classic and Daily Race. You will have to pass 100 games with increasing difficulty in Classic mode, and victories will open the next game. If you successfully pass all 100 games, you will become the champion in the audience's applause.

The challenges will become more significant when you enter Daily Race mode. The terrain that you have to overcome will constantly be changed, and you will complete the turn if you reach the finish line within the allotted time. The score you win will depend on how fast or slow your finishing time is, and they will open up extremely attractive rewards if you can achieve a high score.

Fun Graphics

The graphics of the game are designed to be as minimal as possible so that players can focus on support items or obstacles on the way. However, simple does not mean boring. On the contrary, the excitement will be overwhelming because the terrain ahead is unpredictable, and they will constantly change to challenge your virtuosity.

Overall, Parkour Race has a beautiful graphic design. The built scenes are not too sharp, but they clearly show the typical elements of the buildings so that players can recognize what they are dealing with. The characters are also simply designed so that the beautiful acrobatic movements in the air can be shown most impressively.

Download Parkour Race Apk + Mod for android

Parkour Race by Madbox will let you experience the feeling of a top Parkour athlete through simple gameplay and super beautiful acrobatics. If you are interested in this game, you can download the MOD APK version of the game with unlimited gold to be able to own the unique skins, and most of all, not suffer from annoying ads.

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