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Mini World
App Name Mini World
Genre Adventure
Developer Miniplay Inc
Size 1GB
Latest Version 1.0.80
Mod info No
Update October 28, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Mini World

If you are a fan of Minecraft, you cannot ignore the Mini World game that is shaking the current adventure game market. This is a free 3D sandbox game genre, where you can freely explore, join an amazing adventure to create your dream world. Moreover, the Mini World Block Art version is one of the few Minecraft-style games that are completely free. Here players are completely free to express their own passion.

About Mini World Block Art

Mini World Block Art is your own world, where you can unleash your creativity. Unique game graphic design and engaging gameplay in Minecraft style. You will get lost in the paradise of magical blocks to build great works.

In the midst of this majestic nature, monsters often appear; they will look for opportunities to attack at night. So, to ensure safety, you need to find a safe shelter; remember to light the torch to chase the monsters away. When it is morning, get out of the row, continue to search for materials to build your works. In addition to transforming into an architect, a builder, you can also become a genuine farmer cultivating and renovating your garden.


Mini World Player is not in the perfect position, unlike Minecraft's live experience. Players' main mission is to build residential projects, production areas, etc. However, the game gives players the chance to destroy them. It depends on the player's way to approach. 

Play mini players try out every instrument, all in every action equipped only to personalize their open world. Small block type in the world, you will be directly involved in various exciting activities. The fortifications of castles, farms, farm produce, livestock, and poultry, are often all about building by the existence of breeds. In the game, players will be completely exploring all the resources of the mini world.

Diverse Game Modes

Mini World Block Art game has a full range of familiar game modes for players to choose from: Survival mode, creative mode, multiplayer mode.

  • Survival mode: You need to find ingredients, explore new lands to build works as you like. You also have to fend off the attack of epic monsters in the Dungeon. To ensure life, you also need to cultivate yourself, increase production to have food and materials for building and making weapons;
  • Creative mode: You are fully resources provided from the start. Here you are unlimited creative, free to build your own castle. Harvesting is also done automatically;
  • Multi-player mode: This mode is quite interesting; players can exchange, contribute together, contribute ideas to design works. Players also gathered together to fight monsters. This regime both increases solidarity and creates collective strength that makes the achievement of goals much easier.

Mini World: Block Art is always an impressive name among a series of games of different genres. From the very first days of its release, the game has been searched and downloaded by many people. Up to now, that number is constantly increasing, making many other manufacturers "jealous.” The reason why this game is so well received is because of the following highlights:

  • A series of cute characters, diverse shapes, etc., converge in the vast sandbox world. Players are free to combine with raw materials and items that are available to create the century works;
  • It has a vivid, realistic 3D graphic design that inspires gamers;
  • A variety of game modes allows gamers to choose freely. You can conquer the challenge alone or switch to the link setting with other players. Then, you will have more companions and all the data linked via phone or computer;
  • The game is supported on PC and iOS, Android operating systems;
  • Library treasure with "huge" storage capacity. Here are MOD maps or buildings created by other players. You can download or upload your MOD;
  • Rich and attractive minigame world to meet the requirements of gamers.

Graphics and Sound

Mini World Block Art is considered to have a 3D design like Minecraft but with a brighter, more youthful color. The game is designed in the form of classic blocks, including many square blocks, soft images, realistic feeling.

In addition, the integrated sound in the game is very vivid and accurate, giving an incredible sense of immersion in an immersive in-game environment with relaxing music and precise sound effects.

Download Mini World Apk + Mod for Android

  • Unlimited Money: Buildings, trees, items, and tools in the game always need a lot of money to buy and build. You can experience the MOD APK version with an unlimited coin hacking feature completely free of charge;
  • Unlimited Coins: Game Mini World Block Art is an extremely entertaining game for you to experience. If you wanted to join Minecraft for a fee before, with this type of adventure game you are completely free. What is better than building a project of your own liking, getting lost in the fairyland, and making friends in all four directions. To satisfy your passion, download Mini World Block Art now!

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