Lily’s Garden mod + apk 2.27.0 Unlimited Coins/Lives

Lily’s Garden
App Name Lily’s Garden
Genre Puzzle
Developer Tactile Games
Size 129.5Mb
Latest Version 2.27.0
Mod info Unlimited Coins/Lives
Update August 11, 2022 (3 months ago)

Description of Lily’s Garden

If you are tired of blockbuster games or the action genre, you can try a simple game that allows players to have comfortable and enjoyable moments. Lily's Garden Mod is a puzzle game combined with simple, fun, and entertaining gameplay that helps players experience happy emotions after a long workday. The game is inspired by the fascinating storyline that creates an elegant beauty. Surely, Lily's Garden Mod will make you unable to take your eyes off.



A story about an unlucky girl named Lilly, with troubles in her life: not long after she broke up with her lover, Lily's aunt passed away. Although her aunt had left her a mansion and a large garden, everything was difficult because the aunt had asked her to clean it up in a month. If she does not, she will forfeit her right to inherit the house.

Nectar-sucking animals frequented the garden that LiLy inherited. Beautiful flowers and trees are curving aesthetically in this place. A storm blew in unexpectedly one day, wreaking havoc on her garden and home. As a result, cleaning the house was a significant challenge for her. Players who join the game will accompany Lily and assist her in completing her assigned tasks.



With the match-3 puzzle gameplay, Lily's Garden Mod will take you on a series of fun quests to clean up the mansion. When you start solving the puzzle on your screen, a board will appear with different colors and symbols above it. Your mission is to combine two or more of the same symbols to make them lose, as well as to collect seeds, dew drops, and dandelions to use. You can clear single rows or bricks using the rake and shovel in the upper right corner of the screen. Furthermore, combining larger clusters can result in massive explosions and chain reactions.

Once you have planted enough flowers and cleared the debris, you can personalize by choosing your path, designing a fountain, and even picking out a new hive for honey bees.

The script continues, and Lily will complete the tasks at the gate, the courtyard, the garden, and inside the house. Everything is being gradually repaired and renewed. More items are unlocked, but the difficulty rises dramatically.

Show Off Your Creativity

Your original goal is to clean the villa and the large garden to make them more clean and spacious. However, if you look at it from a different perspective, you will notice that Lily's Garden is a design game to complete the castle that Lily's aunt left to her. You have the opportunity to redesign the architecture here, from minor things like mailboxes, garden chairs, flower pots to fountains, furniture inside the house, or even flower gardens in front of the hall. The developers have brought many items into this game, and your sole responsibility is to arrange and display them.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics and Sound

Developers of Tactile Games have been very successful in graphic design for the game using the hand-drawn method. The garden is colored with dazzling beauty due to the matching of color scheme and scenery, which becomes more beautiful in the player's eyes. Sharp 3D graphics help players experience realistic images. The view is stunning because the comfortable environment, combined with the natural flavors, has created a dream garden for many people. Furthermore, Lily's Garden Mod includes gentle music songs that transport players to a fairy garden.

Player Experience

The majority of players believe it is a good game with nice graphics and a lot of potentials. They had exciting moments when playing this game. Some gamers, however, dislike this game. Some levels are far too simple. On the contrary, some levels are too difficult for them to devote a significant amount of time to play. Besides, the game also has other problems. For instance, data loading takes too long, or sometimes the game exits automatically. Hopefully, these issues will be fixed in future versions.

MOD APK Version Of Lily's Garden

Unlimited Coins / Lives: You can use coins to shop for items, furniture and unlock support items. Furthermore, you can play as many times as you want with an unlimited number of lives.

Download Lily's Garden MOD APK

Players will experience the exciting features of the game and have the most engaging experience. This entertaining game helps you have relaxing moments after long busy days. Download Lily's Garden Mod to help Lily repair and clean up the mansion and large garden.

Lily's Garden Trailer

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