KineMaster mod + apk 7.0.4 Premium Unlocked

App Name KineMaster
Genre Video Players & Editors
Developer Nexstreaming Corp
Size 90MB
Latest Version 7.0.4
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Update May 16, 2023 (9 months ago)

Description of KineMaster

Kinemaster Mod Apk Imagine if you are a video editing lover but you cannot do anything because you only have a phone in your hand? Most high-tech apps like Photoshop or Premiere will require the users to equip themselves with laptops or PC containing efficient hardware to implement heavy tasks like editing. And more important than all is that they are not free.

So, where is the chance for those who only have a phone but still spend the passion for editing? Kinemaster seems to be a potential app and yes, it is. But in this article, we would like to mention an upgraded version: Kinemaster Pro which enhances your editing skill astronomically.

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Where does It Come From?

Founded in 2002, it has been existing for almost 2 decades until now and is doing really well. This is a product of a company from South Korea where has branches in America, China, and Spain.

When things looked hopeless for editors who cannot afford a strong-enough electric device, Kinemaster diamond has shown up and shared this burden. They realized the demands so they have created a product with an editing function that is enough and effective for everyone to make up their own video.

However, there have been some limits since the hardware of a phone cannot handle a task like that. Therefore, this may be a necessary but not enough condition for editors to pursue in the long term.

But don’t you underestimate its ability because art is not always made up from premium materials, not even mentioned, Kinemaster can help users to bring out a qualitative video if those users have a good perception of aesthetics. Also, with functions from Kinemaster, things will be cooked up easier than we thought.

However don’t you forget that the premium version will supply more tools considered to be as good as Premier? But good things always have their price You can only experience this offer with 40 dollars per year and will you put down that much money for an app on a phone? Surely not. So, Kinemaster might be the best option for you since it gives you utilization at no cost.

What Can It Do?

Only with the normal version of Kinemaster, we are good to go with the editing games due to the fact that it provides a good number of editing tools and functions that users will find out nothing difficult in editing.  What are those?

  • Import and export file project
  • Tools for trimming
  • Combining video, images editing as well as stickers and special effects
  • Adding music, dubbing, sound effects, and voice changer
  • More than 2000 transitions, effects, text fonts from KineMaster Store
  • Creating effects by reversing, accelerating, slow motion, and mixing mode
  • Using color filter and adjusting color to make your video outstanding
  • Tools to enhance video and picture quality
  • Exporting 4K 2160p at 30FPS
  • Sharing on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook và so more

What about the Pro Version

When it comes to something premium version on the app, we will right immediately think about how much more function can it open for users. But things are a bit strange in the KineMaster version when we only got only 3 new things:

  • No KineMaster logo on each video
  • No ads
  • Expand the editing tool resources

Exactly, those are what we all got in the premium version and we also have to pay a fee of 40 dollars per year for that. Is that a good deal? Never has and will never be. The price could be the major problem but we already got the Mod versions. However, you all could think that there are nothing much different in the premium version but not too fast guys.

The normal version will always show the logo on your videos and just to let all of you know, that is not a professional video at all. It is just like the video is made up from KineMaster apk and you are just the one who posted it. So, what we want to suggest is that you are having a KineMaster right here and all you have to do are just go on and take it. You will never have to worry about the price anymore.

Is the Interface Friendly for the User?

Alongside with criteria above, the interface of KineMaster apk looks simpler than what we think it should. However, that is good news for all of us because if you compare it to a premier or others editing tools, you will get dizzy because of the number of surrounding selections.

As soon as you access the app, we will recognize the logo KineMaster Mod Apk on the left of the screen with some options below like Question, What News, and Setting. Under three of those mentioned right, there is the place for KineMaster promotion with 92k per month but we are far away from that need since we had the Mod version in our hand.

While then, on the right, we only have 2 options which the first one is kinemaster without watermark where we can buy effects, transition, stickers, sound effects, and even text font. Of course, we don’t need to make any purchase on that section since we have bought a whole store in the KineMaster Mod Apk version.

Right just above the store is the second option with the name: Create New, where you will start your editing journey. It will offer you multiple options of frame rate such as 16:9 for Youtube Video or 9:16 for Story Video and so on. After picking the frame we want, a screen using for making a video will appear and you all will be amazed by its simplicity.

On the left bar, it gives us some editing options while the right one is a circle that integrates the ability to add videos, effects, and adjusting all of it... The middle of the bar contains 2 screen frames which are the review frame on the upper and the timeline following the below.

Everything is guided clearly on each section to ensure the easiness for users.

This is a chance to own a really simple and friendly app that now also has more function and is free on the kinemaster apk download no watermark. Is that an open door for amateur editors to show off themselves? Well, we can’t say “no” to that. So be sure that you will go on and take your opportunity to ecome excellent video editors with the KineMaster mod apk download version today.

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