Homescapes mod + apk 5.5.6 Unlimited Stars

App Name Homescapes
Genre Casual
Developer Playrix
Size 139.9Mb
Latest Version 5.5.6
Mod info Unlimited Stars
Update July 30, 2022 (4 months ago)

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Description of Homescapes

Austin the Butler is back with Homescapes, the spin-off of the popular Gardenscapes that stormed Google Play Store a while ago. This title shares the same concept: solving puzzles while playing along with the storyline. Let’s see what Austin will bring in this new match-3 puzzle game.

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Home Sweet Home

In Homescapes, after years of traveling around the world, Austin is now tired of all the ups and downs in life. He just wants to live happily and carefree for the next few years. And which place could be more appropriate than his old house?

So Austin is back to where he once lived, but the house is no longer how he remembered. Everything has been torn down; rats and dust fill the place. After convincing his parents to keep the house, it’s time for Austin the Butler to renovate the building. Join him on his pursuit of happiness!

Classic Candy Crush Playstyle

Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game, but it’s not just any puzzle title. It’s a clever combination of matching games like Candy Crush and decoration elements from The Sims and its sequels. Why did I say that? Let’s find out.

Easy to Play, But Hard to Win

In Homescapes, there are roughly 6,000 levels for you to play (and new stages are added every week!). Your task is simple: match three or more of the same tiles to clear them out. Interestingly, matching four or more tiles will result in various powerups. For example:

  • Rocket: Created when matching four tiles horizontally or vertically. The rocket will clear all tiles in the respective direction
  • Bomb: Created when matching five tiles in L shape or T shape. The bomb will explode in a 2-radius square, clearing all tiles within it
  • Paper Plane: Formed when matching four tiles in a square (can have extra tile). The Paper Plane will fly around and look for a random spot, prioritizing the mission goal
  • Rainbow Ball: Formed when matching five tiles horizontally or vertically. The Rainbow Ball will target all tiles with the same color as the one you swap the Ball with

It’s not all. If you swap two powerups standing next to each other, you will get an even stronger one. For instance, Rocket with Bomb will create a Rocket Bomb, clearing three rows and three columns from it. Fusing Paper Plane with either a Rocket or a Bomb will trigger that corresponding powerup at the Plane’s target. The most powerful one is undoubtedly the two Rainbow Balls’ combination, which will clear all tiles on the map! Seems a bit overpowered, right? There are more combinations for you to discover, so check them out yourself.

A Job for Austin the Butler
A Job for Austin the Butler

As I mentioned, Homescapes combine the decoration elements from classic simulation games like The Sims. For each level passed, you will earn a few stars. You will then use them to continue the story, see how the game plays out. Eventually, you will unlock other rooms, refurnish all the house, make friends with the neighbors, buy new items, get interviewed, and many more to come.

An exciting thing about Homescapes is that each item in the game has three versions, and they are interchangeable. With hundreds of furniture for you to collect, there are millions of ways to decorate your house. How cool is that!

A Feast for the Eyes
A Feast for the Eyes

It’s not exaggerating to say that Homescapes has stunning 3D graphics. Every room, every piece of furniture has its unique design and characteristic. You can decorate each room in any way you prefer, and it will look good no matter what. How about giving your kitchen an oriental design while using a European theme for your living room? In this game, anything is possible!

Download Homescapes MOD APK for Android

In the MOD version, you will have unlimited stars so that you can fully purchase all the furniture and in-game stories. The download and installation are super fast: you can enjoy the game in less than 5 minutes. Please check the manual guide for more details.

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