Greedy Worm mod 1.1.3 No ads

Greedy Worm
App Name Greedy Worm
Genre Casual
Developer Megrez Studio
Size 60.4MB
Latest Version 1.1.3
Mod info No ads
Update January 19, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

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Mod features of Greedy Worm Mod:

  • Get rewarded for not watching ads

Description of Greedy Worm

Greedy Worm Mod is a game that is attracting a series of players because of the adventure-style gameplay that combines worms and extremely interesting puzzles. Let's find out with MODRADAR about the game Greedy Worm Mod and what are the interesting points in this game through this article.

Introduction about the game Greedy Worm Mod with MODRADAR 

Introduction about the game Greedy Worm Mod with MODRADAR 

This game builds the scene in a green garden, there are many red ripe apples. When joining, players will have the opportunity to transform into a worm to start their journey of discovery to be able to escape. During the adventure journey, players can eat red apples to accumulate more resources. 

Throughout the journey to join the game, players will have to face the potential dangers in it. The player's task is to think and calculate carefully before moving. But somehow the player needs to overcome the challenges to be able to reach the gate safely.

Greedy Worm Mod is 1 coordination game. Players will meet worms and many different puzzles. The player's task is to get out of the dangers that are hidden inside the game screen. 

This game requires players to apply their intelligence as well as their keen observation ability. Try to focus more on the monster of the same color to be able to create an eye-catching effect. And has the ability to accumulate to tame the player's enemies.

Players will have challenges to overcome as follows: the presence of fire beasts, burning obstacles around it ... The 6 beasts that will be present include the thunder beast, which has the highest power. And finally the 7 beasts correspond to the whirlwind effect. They will sweep away all the obstacles as well as the beast that is next to them.

Attractions included in the game Greedy Worm Mod

Attractions included in the game Greedy Worm Mod

Everyone will be able to explore the attractions in the game Greedy Worm Mod here.

Interesting challenges in the game Greedy Worm Mod

In the game, the player has the task of advancing to the last position. However, players also have the opportunity to experience many other outstanding features of the game Greedy Worm Mod. Through the journey to hit the monsters, players will receive more difficult questions posed by the game. Constantly discovering new continents.

To increase the difficulty of the game, players must overcome ferocious and extremely scary monsters. After players complete the challenge, they will receive more attractive rewards from the game. 

These can be mentioned as: Majestic creatures, loot, or equipment used to upgrade super modern. If players collect enough points and enough of their unique monster army. At this point, players can challenge many other players in Greedy Worm Mod.

Challenge other players in the game Greedy Worm Mod

Every time you complete the challenge in the game Greedy Worm Mod. Players will receive more interesting gifts that are compatible. Those can be great animals, top-notch gifts or the most advanced up-to-date equipment.

When you feel that you have accumulated enough points, enough interesting and powerful beast army. Players have the ability to challenge other players in the game. The two sides will participate in 1 extremely dramatic war. Challenge experienced players to find the last 1 winner.

Questions revolving around the game Greedy Worm Mod

Questions revolving around the game Greedy Worm Mod

MODRADAR will help people answer the questions posed in the game Greedy Worm Mod.

What is the Mod feature in the game Greedy Worm Mod?

MODRADAR has integrated the DO NOT ADVERTISE feature into the game Greedy Worm Mod so that everyone who participates without watching ads can still receive rewards.

Where to download Greedy Worm Mod game for free?

Currently, there are many websites that offer free mod games for everyone and there is also a Greedy Worm Mod game. Or people can immediately download this game at MODRADAR to be able to experience it now.

Is the Greedy Worm Mod game at MODRADAR safe?

Be assured of the safety of the game Greedy Worm Mod and the games that MODRADAR provides to everyone. Because all have been carefully checked and when released to everyone always receives the most positive reviews.

Download Greedy Worm Mod game now for android ios 

If you love and want to experience the game Greedy Worm Mod, people can immediately download this game at the MODRADAR site. There are many games that have their own attractions for everyone at MODRADAR such as: Cash Winner Casino Slots, Dragon Frenzy.

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