Fun Run 3 mod + apk 4.12.2 (Menu, Unlimited Jumps/Fast Speed)

Fun Run 3
App Name Fun Run 3
Genre Sports
Developer Dirtybit
Size 118.1Mb
Latest Version 4.12.2
Mod info (Menu, Unlimited Jumps/Fast Speed)
Update November 09, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

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Features Mod of Fun Run 3 Mod:

  • Menu
  • Unlimited Jumps
  • Fast Speed

Description of Fun Run 3

Fun Run 3 Mod is the 3rd installment of Dirtybit's Fun Run series of games. The game will still retain the core points: fun graphics, creative gameplay and even the challenges of each race. Your main task in that game is to participate in races with seven other people, defeat opponents and become the winner. At first glance, it seems that the game is not very attractive, but I guarantee Fun Run 3 Mod is completely different from what you have played. Let's explore the details of the game Fun Run 3 Mod with MODRADAR! 

Introduction about Fun Run 3 Mod

Introduction about Fun Run 3 Mod

If running can bring you joy, why not come to Fun Run 3. Fun Run 3 Mod is a thrilling race between animals that will be held with continuous frequency so that we can easily register as well as compete with others. How to win? What we need will only come from your own speed. At the same time, not only that, but agility has also played a pretty important part. Create experiences and breakthroughs for each person to enhance their abilities. At the same time, find attraction in each of your stages.

Fun Run 3 Mod is the birth of a version that brings more new things to you. The first is chance, which has made up the brand of the improved game. Helps us see a lot of realism in the things we choose. The abilities of the characters can do will also be upgraded. However, the game will still retain the images that are familiar to us and many big plus points. Bring a product with the most comprehensive entertainment to everyone.

The advantages Fun Run 3 Mod owns

The advantages Fun Run 3 Mod owns

Fun Run 3 Mod online multiplayer race

Running fast will seem simple, but in Fun Run 3 Mod it is not as you think. Running on tracks has a lot of obstacles and bad tricks coming from opponents to hinder you. You will have to avoid blades, dodge lightning or overcome bear traps. After each race, based on your efforts, you will receive worthy rewards. However, it is not just participating in the race that you will have a reward, but you will only receive a reward when you are one of the 3 earliest finishers out of 8 participants.

Adorable animals in Fun Run 3 Mod

The races in the game will become slightly attractive when the tracks are designed with a variety of obstacles, many obstacles with a lot of beautiful colors. The participants of the race will not be athletes, they are very cute animals with all kinds from pets to wild animals such as crocodiles, lions, tigers ...

You will choose one of your favorite animals to participate in the race along with which you can change fashion accessories for them.

FAQs when playing Fun Run 3 Mod

FAQs when playing Fun Run 3 Mod

How is Fun Run 3 Mod gameplay? 

When playing Fun Run 3 Mod, you will enjoy all the amazing aspects of the first 2 games. Race against opponents and avoid any obstacles that could slow down your path to your own victory! But wait, if another player is an obstacle again, just crush them before they can reach the finish line!

What is the arena mode in Fun Run 3 Mod? 

Arena Mode will have 8 different characters to compete in a race for gold! Even so, only 3 people will be able to do it and receive their gold, silver or bronze rewards at the end. These cutest and cuddly creatures can all boast of being winners, the unfortunate loser will have to eat their dust.

Can Fun Run 3 Mod create Clans with friends? 

Run alongside your friends in a group then you'll have the option to join friends or even strangers to engage in some awesome multiplayer racing action. It's a race to the finish line and only the best can do it!

Download Fun Run 3 Mod game now for Android IOS 

Fun Run 3 Mod is a role-playing racing game on extremely attractive animals for those who like thrills but have a passion for animals. In addition, you can try your hand at some other popular games at MODRADAR such as: FotMob, Basketball Battle Surely you will be amazed by the entertainment it brings when participating!

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