Fruit Ninja mod + apk 3.30.0 Unlimited Money

Fruit Ninja
App Name Fruit Ninja
Genre Arcade
Developer Halfbrick Studios
Size 155MB
Latest Version 3.30.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update March 18, 2023 (6 days ago)

Description of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is an exciting fruit game by Halfbrick Studios. This classic game has been trendy since its launch in 2010, and to date, Fruit Ninja has been downloaded more than a hundred million times. The game has been updated from time to time with different game modes and is rated as one of the most popular games on touchscreen devices.

Game Plot

game fruit ninja mod apk

The gameplay is quite intuitive and straightforward. Players only need to download and take part in cutting-edge challenges for hours without following any rule. Everything will come naturally, and all you need to do is cut out the fruits that appear on the screen. However, the game still has hundreds of fascinating and challenging challenges with many different game modes. Not to mention their strange locating and timing that will make the challenges incredibly difficult and enjoyable.

Gameplay and Features

fruit ninja mod

Players can try their hand in Classic mode, but they can still score high in Arcade mode or just hone their chopping skills in Zen mode. Multiplayer mode allows gamers to play against other players, depending on the level of competition. You can join duels in Zen mode or join attacks in classic mode.

If you log in every day, you will have a chance to receive daily prizes of loot used in games like special blades.

Fruit Ninja offers several characters like Truffles (free), Nobu, Katsuro, Mari, Han, Rinjin, and they can be purchased with Golden Apple.

Some of the blades can be unlocked in Event mode, including:

Bat Blade - A sword capable of releasing a bat when slashing a watermelon;
Ancient Yoyo Tongue - Slash longer when slashing a pomegranate;
Blade Michkillya.

Initially, Fruit Ninja had only one mode, Classic Mode. Players need to slash as many fruits as possible while avoiding bombs and not leaving any fruit behind.

At level 2, players will unlock Zen mode. You can play until you get bored. Besides, Arcade mode is unlocked at level 4, where players experience the great feeling of achieving slash combos. Try to get the highest score possible by doing as many Slash Double Score, Freeze, and Banana Frenzy combos to maximize your score.

Event mode can be unlocked at level 9, Minigame at level 6, and Challenge mode at level 8. Players will face and defeat talented Ninja while playing in Events such as Han, Mari Truffles, Rinjin.

Players can use multiple fingers at once to slash more, but the strategy is a double-edged sword. Fingers can obscure the screen, and the probability of cutting bombs is also higher.

The game has two main currencies:

Starfruits - Helps you to purchase certain in-game items;
Golden Apple - The game's premium currency is purchased for cash.

Game Graphics and Sound

fruit ninja mod apk

Fruit Ninja doesn't have high-quality 3D graphics, but the game's 2D graphics can impress any player. The visual and sound effects will give players the feeling of a very sharp sword that can cut everything. Also, vivid colors and enhanced visual effects make the game more realistic and immersive.

With catchy sound effects, the game makes players immersed in the epic fruit-cutting experience. Combined with visual elements, you'll feel like a real ninja.

Download Fruit Ninja apk for Android

This is one of the best casual games on the Android platform. Fruit Ninja is very suitable for entertainment anytime, anywhere. With the MOD APK file, you will receive unlimited Starfruits and Golden Apples.

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