Franco Kernel Manager mod 6.1.14

Franco Kernel Manager
App Name Franco Kernel Manager
Genre Tools
Developer Francisco Franco
Size 6MB
Latest Version 6.1.14
Update November 15, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Franco Kernel Manager

Franco Kernel Manager APK is an extremely necessary application for users. Although there are many very useful functions, very few people can understand them. To be able to learn more carefully, please refer to the content of the article below of MODRADAR.

A brief introduction to Franco Kernel Manager APK

A brief introduction to Franco Kernel Manager APK

MODRADAR wants to confirm to all of you that Franco Kernel Manager APK is an application to measure and recount all hardware parameters and also software for all Android devices. More specifically, Franco Kernel Manager APK will also have deep access to the memory, processes, and basic threads of devices. It will conduct measurements and will also set up statistics that can be sent to you. To be able to do all that, Franco Kernel Manager APK needs root access, although the application also does not APKify or add anything in the original files.

Franco Kernel Manager APK has a lot of functions and is also an attached manager. You can also view statistics on the clock, uptime of CPU, ZRAM, GPU, BUS, Battery, and Wakelocks memory or cores on the CPU. The parameters of each type are retrieved and also statistically compiled quite quickly. That is probably also the strength of Franco Kernel Manager APK compared to other device managers.

The most outstanding feature of the Franco Kernel Manager APK application

This application has a lot of features that are very useful for users. Here are a few typical features:

Franco Kernel Manager APK increases battery life

Franco Kernel Manager APK helps you monitor the battery power in the most close way. It will notify which applications in the machine are consuming. And what the duration for each type will be. From there, users will be able to adjust it so that it is reasonable. This also contributes to increasing the life of the battery and avoiding bloated conditions.

Franco Kernel Manager APK with super convenient control system

Franco Kernel Manager APK with super convenient control system

The application will also provide users with an extremely detailed dashboard. Here, you can review all the parameters of both the hardware and also the software of the device. Thanks to root access, it is easy to interfere deeply in the operating system as well as system operation. This will also make it easier for users to have complete control over their devices.

Franco Kernel Manager APK Night Shift APKe

Night Shift is a unique feature included in the app. This APKe allows the allowed screen to turn yellow. It's arbitrary set and as well as adjustable. Thereby helping to protect your eyes from blue light at night. 

Detailed statistics of Franco Kernel Manager APK

Very detailed statistics about the battery with information on: Power consumption, flow usage, estimated charging interval,... Thereby, users will be able to easily monitor and control.

Franco Kernel Manager APK with diverse controls

The application will allow controlling the audio part and also will display comprehensively. It also helps you: RGB correction, saturation, color, and also contrast,... All make for a very easy to use interface for users.

Franco Kernel Manager APK is suitable for many platforms

This application is also compatible with most platforms such as Windows, Linux or even on Android phones and also IOS. This allows the users who will be able to easily install for their devices.

FAQs of Franco Kernel Manager APK application

FAQs of Franco Kernel Manager APK application

What operating systems is Franco Kernel Manager APK suitable for?

Currently, the publisher has provided applications on both Android and IOS platforms. Therefore, it is easy to get the experience regardless of the device used in any operating system.

Is downloading Franco Kernel Manager APK harmful to the machine or not?

Absolutely not. All applications are available at the MODRADAR web before being published. All will have to go through a very rigorous browsing process. 

Is there a fee to download Franco Kernel Manager APK?

For the APKs at MODRADAR are all free applications. So you do not need to worry about the application download fee.

Download Franco Kernel Manager APK app now for android ios

Franco Kernel Manager APK will help you manage your Android devices better. You will know how the devices work, consume resources, batteries and what condition they are in. Based on that, you will also adjust all the necessary things to be able to improve the life of the devices. At MODRADAR, there are also many useful applications that you can refer to such as: Snapdrop, Greenify.

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