Fishing Life mod 0.0.174 Unlimited Coins

Fishing Life
App Name Fishing Life
Genre Sports
Developer Nexelon inc.
Size 83.7Mb
Latest Version 0.0.174
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update May 19, 2022 (6 months ago)

Description of Fishing Life

Fishing Life (Mod, Unlimited Coins) is a fishing game from the developer Nexelon. This game is famous for giving you a feeling of healing whenever you face pressure or stress. Surely you, just like me, used to go fishing with your family when you were young. So, through peaceful fishing experiences, you can erase all your troubles with the childhood memories that this game brings.

The Touching Story 

game fishing life mod apk

The main character of this game is an ordinary man. This nameless man is desperate for his life and work. He can be an avatar for me, you, or anyone having a hard time in his life. The tough challenges he is facing have prompted him to find the peaceful space he once had.

That peaceful sky is his beautiful childhood memory, where he and his father went fishing in the sea together. So he decided to revive these memories by stepping on the boat, grabbing a fishing rod, and heading out to sea to fish.

Enjoying Beautiful Nature While Fishing

fishing life mod

The peaceful atmosphere that this game creates comes from the simplicity of its design style. Our main character only uses a rudimentary fishing boat and a fishing rod without modern equipment. That is not only not boring, but on the contrary, it also highlights the beauty of nature and the interest of fish.

The natural landscapes in the game are very diverse and excellently designed. You will sail with your boat on the beautiful seas, where the red sunset of the late afternoon will dye the vast sky. It can also be a dreamy night sky with a full moon and shooting stars flying across the sky, or even a very early morning where the sun is just coming out. The natural scenery is so beautiful that it will make fishing a lot more exciting for you to enjoy.

Your Mission In The Game

fishing life mod apk

Your fishing will be carried out straightforwardly and without too much manipulation. You have successfully cast the fishing rod with just a few primary drag and navigation. After that, you can sit back, enjoy and wait for the cute fish to appear.

The fish of this game is very diverse. It can be beautiful and cute fish, scary sharks, or even giant whales; You can catch all of them.

Once you have successfully fished them, you can add them to your collection and watch them every day. Seeing the fish swimming around in the water tank will also make your soul much more peaceful. In addition, it's an effective way to relieve stress after your hard-working day.

You can use the money earned in the game to change clothes and boats. The more advanced ships can take you to go further, then your experience will be much more enjoyable as you fish in new waters.

In addition, you can also choose to fish by quest. These are the quests that will appear in the corner of the screen, and they will reward you with treasure chests when you can complete them. These treasure chests will pass a lot of special gear to help with your fishing, especially fishing boats and fishing rods.

Excellent Sound

Because the player's peacefulness is the factor that the developers aim for, the game's sound has been carefully invested. Sound is the best means to go straight to your soul and heal it.

In the game, you will hear the murmuring sounds of the ocean waves, the natural sounds of fish swimming, boating, or even the sound of you dropping a fishing rod into the water. These sounds will bring a feeling of peace and serenity to you so that you only need to focus on a single job, that is, going to the sea and enjoying the fresh breezes of nature.

Download Fishing Life apk + Mod

This game will prove a little unsuitable for those having fun and full of energy; however, it is truly a panacea for the souls of those going through complex stresses and challenges in their lives. If you are in such a situation, the peace of this game will help you through that. You can also try the Mod APK version to own unlimited money and upgrade your boat to more beautiful seas. So what are you waiting for? Download Fishing and Life now and relax by fishing right on your phone.

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