Evil Nun 2 mod + apk 1.1.3 Immortality

Evil Nun 2
App Name Evil Nun 2
Genre Adventure
Developer Keplerians Horror Games
Size 170.3Mb
Latest Version 1.1.3
Mod info Immortality
Update May 15, 2022 (1 years ago)

Description of Evil Nun 2

Evil Nun 2 Mod Apk (Immortality) is the sequel to the first-person horror action game. Players will once again face the evil nun. But this time, this flesh-and-blood monster won't be alone. Some crazy people and terrible creatures will also participate in the hunt for the main character.

Game’s Plot

Going forward will be an exciting adventure, where any careless move or rustle can lead to an unfortunate ending. Players will once again be in a religious school where a scary nun runs all Affairs. The main goal is to find a way out of this place, but this will be very difficult because residents will do their best to ensure that players will stay here forever. For the characters’ survival to find the keys from the doors, entertain the puzzles quickly, and evade the enemies.

Special Features and Exciting Mission

The nuns’ image is always kind, loving children, but with Evil Noon 2, it's the opposite. The game offers a nun Madeline’s residence, and she is a mysterious character that players will always have to be careful of when confronting.

Players must explore rooms, find valuable items, and combine them to solve puzzles. Everything had to be done in silence so that the monsters living in this room wouldn't hear it. If you find a monster, you should immediately hide to survive and have time to unravel the most terrible secrets of the nun.

Madeline raises chickens but has some frightening elements. They are all bigger than regular chickens and make the player feel like a monster in another dimension.

The gameplay is slightly different from other horror games. The gameplay of this game is the same as the first part. In the game, you have to find and rescue the child from the monastery.

The game is divided into several modes, spooky, easy, standard, and challenging. The difficulty of each mode is different. Spooky mode is the simplest. Evil nuns and monsters cannot see players. You can easily pass, just find the clues, and the respective mission can be completed. Evil Nun 2 mod menu allows players to choose the difficulty level freely.

When trying to exit Madeline, players will gradually explore history and answer difficulties. You control the character and interact with everything around you. Then connect them to achieve your goal.


Graphics and Sound 

Evil Nun 2 promises to bring the most nightmares to players than any horror game. The game has creepy, detailed simulated 3D graphics. The graphics are very similar to most other horror games, especially the granny series. Evil Nun 2 is set in a large house with poor lighting, increasing its horror atmosphere. Besides, the background sound was terrifying. The monsters in the game look very horror. Overall, the game's audio and visual processing is excellent.

Download Evil Nun 2 Mod Apk for android

This is not a game for the faint of heart because, for sure, evil nun 2 apk download will make you panic about a room to escape the horror. Evil Nun 2 can meet very well the needs of those who love horror games. The characters and quests in the game are very well established. The game is also divided into many challenging and easy modes, which can satisfy more players’ tastes.

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