DiskDigger mod 1.0

App Name DiskDigger
Genre Tools
Developer Defiant Technologies, LLC
Size 5.2 MB
Latest Version 1.0
Update November 24, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of DiskDigger

DiskDigger Mod is known as an extremely useful application to support users to recover deleted data files, videos, and images on their phone devices. Not only that, this application also allows downloading recovered images and storing them on Google Drive, Dropbox ... easily and quickly. Join MODRADAR to find out this attractive application right here.

Introduction about DiskDigger Mod with MODRADAR

Introduction about DiskDigger Mod with MODRADAR

Diskdigger Mod is an application that allows users to find all deleted files on their rooted Android mobile device. This application can quickly scan the user's hard drive for items, including photos, music, documents, etc. After that, the user can select any of them to restore if necessary.

To get the most out of the application, players need to grant root permissions to this application. Otherwise, DiskDigger Mod will only work usefully for some functions such as simple recovery and scanning.

DiskDigger Mod is a paid application that can be searched on the Play Store. Therefore, users need to pay a sum of money to own the application on their Android smartphone. Fortunately, DiskDigger Mod at MODRADAR has appeared. This version has all the powerful features of the original version but there is no need to pay any fees.

The main features of DiskDigger Mod 

The main features of DiskDigger Mod 

Explore the attractive features of DiskDigger Mod with MODRADAR to know what is more special about this application compared to other applications.

DiskDigger Mod can recover all files 

Diskdigger Mod gives users a second chance when the application scans all files on the system, including deleted files. After a successful scan, the application will display all deleted files, users can choose to restore the files they want to return to the original.

Select "Scan Full" for the application to scan the user's entire hard drive. Surely people will get thousands of results with files in the system, spam, etc. In order to help players quickly find the file they want, the application also allows users to choose the file types, the minimum size of the downloaded file. 

Users should choose the most detailed to be able to optimize search time. Besides, users should also partition memory to be able to scan faster, the internal memory of the device will often appear in different file forms such as: /data, SD card is in the form: /mnt/sdcard.

DiskDigger Mod cleans memory to make the device work more efficiently

DiskDigger Mod is also integrated by the manufacturer with a memory cleaning function for users' devices to help the phone work more efficiently. With this feature, photos or messages as well as important call logs can also be easily restored quickly.

DiskDigger Mod supports users to preview recoverable files

Not only does it support recovering deleted files, the application also allows users to preview recoverable files. Besides, users can also upload notes, calendars and reminders to their phones or push to storage sites such as Google Drive, Dropbox ... 

DiskDigger Mod support with many file types

Since DiskDigger Mod can be compatible with many file formats, users can search and recover any type of deleted file without too much effort. The app currently handles more than 40 different file formats, such as MP4, Doc-Docx, Gif, Pdf, MP3, Apk, Zip, etc.

The developers are still updating to expand a lot to suit the needs of users. With DiskDigger Mod, users do not need to worry about deleting any files.

Questions revolving around DiskDigger Mod

Questions revolving around DiskDigger Mod

MODRADAR will help people answer the most asked questions about DiskDigger Mod here.

Android phone without rooting, how will DiskDigger Mod work?

DiskDigger Mod requires the user's Android phone to be rooted to be able to scan deleted files. Otherwise, this application will not be able to use all its features.

Where to download DiskDigger Mod for free?

If people are searching for DiskDigger Mod app then download it at MODRADAR. It always offers completely free applications and games.

Is DiskDigger Mod at MODRADAR safe for devices?

Please rest assured in this regard, DiskDigger Mod is completely safe for everyone's device because before bringing any game to players, MODRADAR checks carefully.

Download DiskDigger Mod game now for android ios

This is an essential application for everyone. Download DiskDigger Mod at MODRADAR, there are many other interesting applications and games waiting for you to experience such as: Pawnbarian, MR.KungFu

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