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App Name DEEMO
Genre Music
Developer Rayark International Limited
Size 561.3MB
Latest Version 5.0.2 xapk
Mod info No Mod
Update April 18, 2022 (7 months ago)

Description of DEEMO

First Look at Deemo

Are you prepared to enter into the gameplay of Deemo with all features unlocked, I am sure you will be astonished by an outstanding songs video game by Rayark. It feels like the former popular music video game, Cytus. The game, undoubtedly, is not simply a video game. It is a perfect combination of songs with a mystical dream tale. Actually, this is more exactly a story told and led by music. It will take all players with the emotions of brevity. Let's discover!

Are You Really Suitable For Deemo?

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Deemo is a popular game for those who like music and amazing notes. Many of its users are at the age ranging from 12 to even 25 years old. The game is a free phone application that helps them interact and develop their music talents. It makes it possible for youngsters to awaken their talents. 

Video Game Trailer

Awaken Alice’s Memories though Piano Notes

The story in Deemo is very gorgeous. The stories focus on 2 main characters, the little girl named Alice, who is known to be a falling angel from the sky. No person recognizes who she is, where she comes from. A mysterious, dark personality assists the girl to return to her own globe by playing music. He wants to use music to reclaim her memories and also assists her to go back to her globe, yet he doesn't want to leave her.

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He plays the piano to grow a unique plant expanding from the piano. When the tree grows, there will be various rooms opened up for ladies to discover. Via numerous spaces to the last room, when the last melody rings, everything will be clear. The woman learns her name through the tune message "Goodbye, my dear sis, Alice" and knows all her tales, regarding her bro. As well as when the tune ends, Deemo's globe breaks down, Alice wakes up in her health center bed. Ultimately, all that continued to be in her attractive memories.

Why You Should Play Deemo

Rayark asserts that Deemo saw 200,000 downloads within one month of launch, as well as 7 million downloads since October 2014, rating initially in the music video game category in the App Shop of over 100 areas.

This game got generally favorable critical reviews. Many mobile phone game evaluation sites provided roughly 4.5-star ratings, pointing out "the video game's art design and subtle story meld with each other wonderfully to develop an overall discussion that simply works".

Deemo was chosen "Best of 2013" in the independent programmer department by the App Shop's Taiwan division.The video game was later called "Best Video game Music" by Google Play's Taiwan market editorial.

The usable song I Compete the Dawn won the Outstanding Achievement-- Vocal Style award at the 2013 Yearly Game Music Awards by Video Game Songs Online

Understand the Gameplay

Playing the game, you can discover that Deemo is a score-based music video game. You have to break 3 levels of the video games particularly Easy, Normal, Difficult, each degree provides each given a trouble score determined in a 'Level' range.

Back to the old days, the designers made the game's degrees count from 1 to 10, nonetheless the intro of the Level 11 track Myosotis in the 2.0 variation and also the Degree 12 tune Marigold in the 3.0 version, notes the expansion of the levels range, now being ranged from 1 to 12.

A couple of chosen tunes also have an unlockable "Extra" problem which might have letters in place of the level number. There is likewise a "Newbie" difficulty, much easier than "Easy", however such ratings will certainly not be taped. The player can additionally customize the speed of the notes prior to beginning a level, in a scale of 0.5 (slowest) to 9.5 (fastest).

Tracks can also be "auto played" (in the Graph Mode , which plays the track instantly however invalidates any kind of ratings. Some aid choices, such as "always-correct" sound also when the gamer misses out on notes, may additionally disqualify ratings or lower ratings by 45% (i.e. the optimal rating for the tune will certainly be 55% instead of 100%) along with lowering tree growth.

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In each level, a black line is attached at the end of the screen, and horizontal bars called "notes" approach the line at a viewpoint from history to foreground. Gamers should touch on the notes when they reach the bottom line in time with the music, looking like playing on a piano. 

Black notes call for the player to touch each independently, while yellow notes permit the gamer to slide throughout in a chain. Black notes with a white inside are the same as typical black notes, only standing for non-piano sounds, however otherwise the very same gameplay-wise. Mine notes are the opposite: the player must not touch or slide the note when they reach the bottom line.

Deemo's efficiency is racked up by the precision at which each note is hit, where a "Charming" hit is much more accurate than a regular hit. "Charming" hits are partitioned right into two kinds, "True Charming" and "Regular Enchanting". The former indicates striking specifically at the bottom line. Misses are likewise subdivided right into 3 kinds, blue, purple, and no glow. At the end of each level, the video game reveals the player's total efficiency in a result screen, offering the percentage of "Enchanting" hits, the lengthiest chain of successive effective hits (Combo), and also the overall accuracy in portion kind, with 100% representing all hits are "Charming". The outcome screen will congratulate the gamer for hitting all notes successfully (Full Combo) or attaining 100% precision.

Download And Install DEEMO MOD APK for Android

By bringing a whole artistic sky into an easy video game, DEEMO has attained a great deal of success. The game was chosen for "Best Game Music" by the editorial division in Taiwan. Most of all, it is the favorable feedback of gamers around the world. Since 2014, the game has had more than 7 million downloads and is the leader in music titles. It can be stated, not just currently yet also later, when we speak about a top-notch songs game, it makes certain to bear in mind the DEEMO.

Possibly I should not ask if you wish to download the game or not? If you are a real music enthusiast, you will be immediately fascinated by this video game. Really feel the touching tales via the melodies of this game!

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