Cover Fire mod + apk 1.23.30 Unlimited Money

Cover Fire
App Name Cover Fire
Genre Action
Developer Genera Games
Size 320MB
Latest Version 1.23.30
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update April 12, 2023 (1 months ago)

Description of Cover Fire

Cover Fire Mod APk - Holding guns on the battlefield and destroying enemies in positions is your mission in Cover Fire. Your enemy will be everywhere, you need to find a safe hiding place and be ready. As soon as the opportunity arises, aim to shoot accurately!

You will be fighting in many different locations and your attack skills will gradually become more excellent. Your enemy is fierce, but also very intelligent. You need to use a variety of strategies to stifle enemy expansion. In offline mode, you also cannot underestimate the enemy. You are only really easy to get through in the early stages.

Download Cover Fire MOD APK for Android

Choosing the right weapon to play in Cover Fire is also an important factor in your victory. Besides, this game has a lot of characters for you to choose from. Everything is directed by the publisher to satisfy the players' wishes. Regarding the controls, this game publisher always focuses on optimizing the controls in the game so that players can experience the fullest and best show their skills. In the game, you will dominate a riot as well as face powerful warriors with the most sophisticated weapons. It is a challenge for the players!

Gameplay: Familiar and Engaging

In Cover Fire, you will have to defeat the opponent as well as take on the mission to pass the level. However, you are not only immersive, but you can try in many different positions such as hacker, sniper soldier. Whatever the case, do tasks that draw as little attention as possible.

While your experience will increase while playing, for good combat, you always need to add new skills. For example, upgrade reaction times, change ammunition if you want to act faster.

The dark days will begin soon. That's when your opponents will not be humans anymore, but formidable monsters. You will receive your reward if you survive the massive attacks from them. Unlike humans, monsters can only do harm at close range.

In fact, you cannot purchase a specific item in Cover Fire. Opening boxes to receive items is completely random. All players have the opportunity to receive characters, weapons and skins. This game offers three types of crates in different denominations for you to choose from to suit your budget.

Graphics and Sound

Very good! That is what can be said about the graphics and sound of Cover Fire. In fact, this game can attract a lot of players around the world. That shows the developer's efforts to give players the best experience. Especially according to the publisher of the game, this title is integrated with 3D Touch. This is an extremely essential feature in a shooting game.

The 3D graphics of this game will make you happy. Clothing, guns and other weapons are meticulously designed and eye-catching. They give you a real combat experience. Become a "monster" in the battle now.

Overall, Cover Fire MOD APK is a game with beautiful graphics and extremely attractive gameplay and top-notch graphics. The plot in general is also new if compared with other shooters. This game brings true but no less thrilling and dramatic. Therefore, it is true to say that this will be an unexpected change for the FPS series.

With Cover Fire MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP5), you can freely shop, upgrade weapons and experience the characters of the game without spending a penny. If you want more real battlefield experiences, do not hesitate to join the Frontline Commando MOD APK now!

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