BitLife mod + apk 3.6.1 Unlocked

App Name BitLife
Genre Simulation
Developer Candywriter Llc
Size 147MB
Latest Version 3.6.1
Mod info Unlocked
Update December 13, 2022 (1 years ago)

Description of BitLife

Bitlife is a simulator game that allows you to simulate a life from the moment you are born. In this unique game, every decision you make counts and makes you live the life you choose.

Developed by Candywriter, LLC, the life simulator is one of the most ambitious and far-reaching life simulation software we've seen before. There's so much you can do in the game that it's a bit overwhelming at times.

BitLife – Life Simulator 

BitLife – Life Simulator mod
BitLife – Life Simulator mod

BitLife is launched by publisher Candywriter. Although this publisher is not too famous, a collection of 4 unique games released on Google Play are loved by many players.

In which, BitLife is the most popular game and contributes to the brand of this company. Since its launch, it has become a hit with many players on both iOS and Android platforms.

The game has had hundreds of thousands of votes from the gaming community, with more than 10 million downloads on google play. So what makes an all-text game so popular?

Addictive Gameplay

Do you want to play BitLife – Life Simulator mod
Do you want to play BitLife – Life Simulator mod

The gameplay of BitLife is similar to other visual novel games. However, you will choose the character's actions for each timeline instead of selecting the dialogue for the character.

There are a series of events during character development. Like going to kindergarten or getting a vaccine, you can let the character docile or cry to show disapproval.

Each character in the game has four basic stats like an average person: happiness, health, intelligence, and appearance. The health index is the most important; the higher this index, the more opportunities you have in life and the future.

For example, if you are in good health, you can join famous football clubs.

Appearance is not so important to you, but if you dream of being a celebrity, you can get plastic surgery to increase this stat.

Don't forget that if you make the wrong choice, you can die at any time. So, consider carefully when making any choices for your character!

When You Reach Adulthood  

18 years old is a significant milestone in every person’s life, and so is your game character. At this age, you will have to choose for yourself. You can join a certain university or join the army or get a part-time job to support yourself.

Everything that happens in the future is for you to decide. Although you had a poor and difficult childhood, your efforts will help you to have a better life in the future.

Financial Management

When you grow up, you will have a career, have more money, and you need to know how to manage your finances. In particular, you can develop further to become more prosperous. Or you may lose everything because of your wrong choice.

On the Main Menu bar, touch Assets to manage the assets you currently have. However, you need to be of the required age to own your property.

Looking for Your Love  

Love is also an essential thing in Bitlife. The game allows you to date, marry the people you like. Or, you will also encounter an irresistible death anniversary when you are married. So, will you foster family happiness or destroy everything yourself?

Final Thought 

No need for 3D graphics with eye-catching effects; BitLife gives you great experiences, just like how you are enjoying a book. The content of the game is designed like a diary of the main character. After each of your selections, the memorable annual events will be listed on the screen.

BitLife also gives players a new perspective on life with many dimensions, not merely a simulation game. The game also tells you that a positive attitude will help you have a good life and open up many opportunities in the future.

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