BetterSleep mod 20.20 Premium Unlocked

App Name BetterSleep
Genre Lifestyle
Developer Ipnos Software
Size 208M
Latest Version 20.20
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Update November 24, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

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Mod features of BetterSleep Mod:

  • Premium
  • Paid Features Unlocked

Description of BetterSleep

BetterSleep Mod is known as an application that helps track users' sleep extremely effectively today. If you are having trouble tracking your sleep, this app will help you do this. Join MODRADAR to learn the features of this application through the article below.

Introduction about BetterSleep Mod with MODRADAR

Introduction about BetterSleep Mod with MODRADAR

BetterSleep Mod is an application that helps users track sleep and create good habits for users' sleep through determining the user's schedule and bedtime. The application also provides a lot of useful features such as making soothing sounds during sleep, using breathing techniques and guided meditation in the application.

One of the most impressive advantages of this application is that it possesses extremely professional sound quality.  M Thanh is researched and guaranteed by experts to have a useful effect in helping users achieve deeper and better sleep than ever before. Thanks to breathing techniques, this app will give users a way to maintain activities and minimize stress.

Discover the features of BetterSleep Mod

Discover the features of BetterSleep Mod

A great application will have features that are loved by many people. Let's explore the features of BetterSleep Mod with MODRADAR.

Create sleep habits in BetterSleep Mod

Thanks to BetterSleep Mod, users will not be able to go to bed late because this application will regularly remind users to go to bed on time. When it's time to go to bed, a notification is sent to the user's phone, making it impossible to forget or ignore. Thanks to this feature, users will gradually create the habit of going to bed early, not staying up at night too much. Therefore, users will reduce the risk of headaches, causing difficulty sleeping and instead get guaranteed health. Going to bed on time has been recommended by many psychologists and advises everyone to do it because this will help players have a clear mind and a full of spirits the next day.

Sleep sounds in BetterSleep Mod

Sleep Sounds is one of the most important features of the BetterSleep Mod application that allows users to listen to soothing sounds before starting to fall asleep, thereby helping users sleep better. This application provides dozens of sounds, including the sound of air conditioning, rain, waves, melodies, thunderstorms,... along with many other sounds. At the same time, users can access this feature right from the main menu or from the good sleep widget in the home screen.

Expert-guided meditation exercises in BetterSleep Mod

Meditation is one of the most effective ways for users to quickly fall asleep and feel completely relaxed with a calm mind. Those meditation exercises are full of specific and extremely detailed instructions as well as very easy to apply.

Stories in BetterSleep Mod 

Listening to one more bedtime story also proved to be a very useful method from experts. The stories are played in a soft, extremely inspiring voice. Users can choose stories with many different genres such as fairy tales, science fiction, mysteries, illusions, etc.

Questions revolving around BetterSleep Mod

Questions revolving around BetterSleep Mod

This application asks a lot of questions, MODRADAR will help people answer questions revolving around BetterSleep Mod.

Where to download BetterSleep Mod for free?

Download BetterSleep Mod at MODRADAR, in addition to integrating the mod feature as a premium unlock, it can also be downloaded completely free for everyone to experience the application.

How many meditation exercises does BetterSleep Mod have?

Currently, this application owns 160 meditations that mostly help users have a better sleep than ever. The meditation exercises that many people love and use the most are Relaxing Sleep, Dream Realm, Falling Back Asleep and Gratitude.

Is BetterSleep Mod at MODRADAR safe for devices?

BetterSleep Mod is a safe application for the device because before giving users at MODRADAR any application will be checked very carefully by MODRADAR staff, so everyone should feel secure and use the application.

Download BetterSleep Mod app now for android ios  

This is a great app for people's sleep. If you get the best sleep, download and experience the application at MODRADAR. There are many other interesting applications at MODRADAR such as: Aiscore, Hurawatch is also waiting for people to discover and experience.

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