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Battle of Polytopia
App Name Battle of Polytopia
Genre Strategy
Developer Midjiwan Ab
Size 74.2Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlocked
Update July 30, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia is a great strategy game where you need to build your own tribe, and develop it using technology. It was first released by Midjiwan AB in 2016 for both Android and iOS. Do not forget to expand your territory with your own technology and your army!

At first you will choose a civilization and try to rule the world with it. To do this, you will sometimes need to conflict with other civilizations. But usually, you only need to develop technology. Before you get started, you have to choose the civilization you want to play with. Although all factions are fictions, they are inspired by real civilizations in history.

Game Modes

Battle of Polytopia has two modes, including single player and multiplayer.

Single Player

game battle of polytopia mod apk

In this mode, you will battle the AI. There are two options to choose from, including Perfection and Domination.

Perfection limits you to thirty plays. You must try to score points to overcome your opponent, and win. This mode is quite short, only lasts about 10 minutes.

Domination takes a little longer, you have to defeat all other civilizations to become the sole ruler. 


For this mode your opponents are real players. Hence, before you get started, you need a stable internet connection to be able to. This campaign also has options including Might and Glory.

For the Glory opton, the target for all players is 10,000 points. Whichever player achieves this score first, they win. It will take a long time to win, if you don't have a perfect strategy.

For the Might option, only the strongest, most advanced, and fastest growing civilization is capable of domination. Your goal is to conquer tribes and unify entire lands.


battle of polytopia mod

In Battle of Polytopia, you have to do everything to grow your tribe. War can happen while you are still doing the tribal development.  Other tribes can easily become enemies, they can do anything to achieve their goal, including eliminating others. 

Upgrade Your Tribe

To make your tribe grow quickly, expand your borders, increase your population, build a military system and many other buildings. Different from the start, you will have more and more choices. You easily develop your tribe in many different ways. What you need to do is research and develop many new technologies to make your tribe strong quickly.

Attack Your Opponent

During the territorial expansion, war could break out at any time. You must make attacks on the territory of other tribes in order to expand. Winning gives you many advantages. But to do that, you need to build and continuously develop your army system.

Other Activities

Battle of Polytopia allows you to participate in many activities such as farming, fishing, mining, training warriors. To help your tribe thrive in a sustainable way, you need strength in many different ways. Do the best you can to never fall behind. Maintain economic growth but do not forget to invest in the military system.

Download Battle of Polytopia MOD APK for Android

The game has 15 different tribes, 4 of them are provided for free, the remaining 11 tribes will be unlocked with money. In addition, you should also know that the single player mode is free, meanwhile, you will have to pay to experience the multiplayer mode. Do not worry, with Battle of Polytopia MOD APK (Unlocked) all unlocked for free.

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