BASEBALL 9 mod + apk 1.8.0 Unlimited Money

Genre Sports
Developer playus soft
Size 139.3MB
Latest Version 1.8.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 18, 2022 (10 months ago)

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Description of BASEBALL 9

Baseball is a famous team sport in the US and other East Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. There are many video games about this sport, and Baseball 9 is one of them. Developed by playus soft, Baseball 9 has become a craze in the Android community in recent years. Let's find out what makes this baseball game so enjoyable.

Baseball 9 MOD APK to Play Instantly for Free

Let’s Play Some Baseball!

There have been many theories about the origin of baseball, but the most plausible is probably from ancient Egypt. Scientists have found traces of a game consisting of a bat and a small ball dating back more than 2,000 years, currently kept at a museum in London. However, the version of baseball as we see it today originated in the US in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The baseball rules are easy to understand. Each match will consist of two teams facing each other in nine innings. Each side has nine members, and they can play one or more positions in the team. You might come across famous names like B.Lopez, W. Kight, J.Rivera, or F.Allen. Each character has different stats like health, accuracy, etc. The higher their stats, the better they can play. Moreover, if you arrange them in the correct position, they can fully utilize their strengths.

In Baseball 9, you will play in two main positions. The first position is the pitcher. In this role, you must throw so that the opponent cannot hit the ball, and your catcher must catch it. You can use a variety of pitching techniques, for example:

  • FB: Fast-ball
  • Sl: Sider
  • FRK: forkball
  • Change-Up: Change ball speed to fool the batter

The remaining position is, of course, the batter. It is the exact opposite of the pitcher, whereas you have to hit the ball so that the opponent can't catch it, and run through all the posts. You'd get a home run if you could hit the ball off the field, and that obviously would be very difficult. There are four basic batting types:

  • Contact
  • Power
  • Left-Bunt
  • Right-Bunt

Baseball 9 also lets you customize your character's appearance. You can create a miniature version of yourself or replicate your favorite players.

Once you've formed your team, you'll have to compete against other teams in all types of tournaments, from the smallest to the world cup. Your path will definitely not be easy, so you need to train and improve your team members’ skills. The higher the skill, the easier it is to win big matches.

Audio and Graphics

Audio and Graphics

It can be said that the graphics of Baseball 9 are awe-inspiring, with characters designed in the Chibi style. All the characters do not have many facial expressions, but still enough to impress players. The uniforms are also made very realistic, printed with famous American baseball teams such as Red Sox, Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers, etc.

The audio of the game is very lively, with the audience’s screams every time the player hits a home run. It feels like you are on an actual baseball field.

Download Baseball 9 MOD APK for Android

This mod gives you unlimited money, gems as well as resources. Start building your team and become the world champion right away.

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