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Asphalt 9
App Name Asphalt 9
Genre Racing
Developer Gameloft SE
Size 2.3GB
Latest Version OBB
Mod info Unlimited Nitro/Speed
Update November 24, 2021 (1 years ago)

Description of Asphalt 9

Asphalt is one of Gameloft's most successful titles, with hundreds of millions of downloads on the Google Play Store. This is also one of the highest-rated racing games over the past ten years. The latest sequel of this series, Asphalt 9: Legends, was released in July 2018 and has enjoyed immense international success.

Continuing the series' tradition, Asphalt 9 is one and a half times heavier than Asphalt 8, accounting for nearly 2.3GB and requiring top-quality Androids to run smoothly. Nonetheless, the heat of this game is undeniable. With more than 50 million downloads, 2 million votes with an average rating of 4.4, Asphalt 9 deserves to be one of the must-try racing games in 2021, at least until Asphalt 10 comes out!

In this review, we will talk about all the highlights of Asphalt 9, along with the that we are so desperate about. Keep reading!

Asphalt 9 Features: Defy Expectations

The Asphalt series in particular, or any racing game in general, all must try to keep its brand identity. Changes, if any, are on the additional gameplay, new features, better graphics, more exclusive offers for P2W players (LOL), etc. Indeed, with each Asphalt version, Gameloft gives players something new to experience. Let's see what Asphalt's latest release brings to the table:

Immerse in Your Own Blockbuster Movies

Enjoy the feeling of driving meticulously detailed supercars, all licensed from the most famous brands in the business. With over 110 beasts to choose from, every race will be a Fast and Furious blockbuster. Surprisingly, you can freely customize your favorite ride down to the very last detail, turning your vehicle into a unique masterpiece and competing with other players in the world.

The ranking system is kept the same, from D to S, with S being the top-tier ones like Lamborghini Centenario, W Motors Lykan HyperSport, or Bugatti La Voiture Noire. Although the total available cars are massive, more than half cannot be obtained without burning some cash. And it seems like Asphalt 9 is more costly than its predecessors.

Own the Race

With 70 tracks across 11 different locations, the possibilities are infinite. From short trips like The Tunnel and Railroad Bustle in San Francisco, to New York’s “endless” Urban Exodus, the excitement never ends! (Unless your car runs out of gas and you have to wait for the recharging, which is a real pain here).

Selective Game Types

Unlike Asphalt 8 with 11 playable game types, Asphalt 9: Legends only introduces three main options: Classic, Time Attack, and Hunted. 

Classic is just an ordinary race, in which your goal is to finish in the top 3 (of course the higher the better). 

Time Attack is a race against the clock, whereas you have to cross the finish line before the time runs out. You can gain bonus time by crossing the checkpoint, or collect the green clock along the way.

Hunted is basically a mix between Time Attack and Flawless. Your job is to outrun the police cars, avoid hitting anywhere and complete the track in time. To finish the race, you have to perform a stunt (barrel roll, 360 spin, etc.) Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Career Mode: Drive to Win

In this latest version, Gameloft introduces the Career mode, where you have the chance to become a real racer and write your own story. If you are a fan of the legendary Need for Speed series like myself, then the Career mode functions pretty much the same. You have to complete five chapters, with 800 racing events for you to enjoy. Yes, 800! Get your charger ready, cause things are about to get heated!

Touch Drive

As the name implies, all you have to do is Touch and let the game handle the Drive. Unlike the regular steering mechanics, Touch Drive allows you to minimize all the process and focus only on choosing which way to go or pumping nitro. Some say that the new control scheme makes the game less fun and interactive; others prefer the Touch Drive for it can speed up the grinding process by a whole lot. Either way, this is still a driving mechanism that worths a try.

Strength in Numbers

Asphalt 9 introduces the Club system, in which you can recruit like-minded racers from across the world and create your own community. Participate in tasks, collect reputation points and redeem all kinds of rewards!

Graphics and Design

The Asphalt series has always prided itself on being a visual monster, and Asphalt 9 has put all other competitors to shame. Realistically simulated supercars, state-of-the-art graphics, “unreal” laws of physics, natural environment settings, all are presented on a screen about the size of your palm. With that fantastic visual effects, your phone could be heated in no time; hence I recommend lower the settings for an ideal gaming experience.

Welcome to Asphalt

Sadly, this is the end of our journey together; It’s time to take on the Asphalt world yourself. Don’t worry, we could provide a bit of help here. Our Asphalt 9 MOD APK will assist you along the way. Below are your privileges:

  • Bots disabled (turn on before the race starts)
  • Speedhack (Do not use it online, or you will get banned!)
  • Faster Nitro recovery
  • Easier Drift control
  • Ghost mode

All that is left are your skill and your bravery. Good luck, fellow racer!

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