Angry Birds Transformers mod 2.22.0 Coins/Gems

Angry Birds Transformers
App Name Angry Birds Transformers
Genre Role Playing
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 469MB
Latest Version 2.22.0
Mod info Coins/Gems
Update March 15, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers is a video game in the "Angry Birds" series of games published by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Launched to the audience on CH Play and App Store in 2014, the game quickly caused a fever and received a huge number of downloads to more than 150 million times. Still exploiting the feud between Angry birds and mean pigs, but this launch, the father has "turned" the Angry bird team into mighty robots, destroying enemies with weapons and vehicles. modern. It's great if you choose this gameplay to relax after a busy day.

Introducing the game Angry Birds Transformers

game angry birds transformers mod apk

After 8 years of release, Angry Birds Transformers Hack is still a hot game when it receives enthusiastic support from players of different ages, especially fans of Angry Birds. With the creativity in content delivery and combined with cute graphics, the game was honored to win the "Nickelodeon Channel's Children's Choice Award for Favorite Video Game".

Robotic birds destroy enemy bases

angry birds transformers mod

When entertaining at Angry Birds Transformers, gamers will have to control the mighty Angry bird in the form of a giant robot and holding a highly destructive gun. Your task is to touch the screen to move the Angry warrior to the lair of the evil pigs to defeat them in order to retrieve the stolen eggs.

The difference of this game is that the Angry bird has a great shooting talent, the ability to run fast and drive a car. It's very satisfying to watch the Angry robot battle step by step destroy the enemy's base.

Weapons, vehicles

Angry Birds Transformers has the appearance of countless guns with different shapes and levels of damage and modern vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes. Gamer can use bonuses including: gold and diamonds to buy weapons and vehicles that are best suited for each battle.

Game mode

angry birds transformers mod apk

Angry Birds Transformers has two game modes for gamers to choose from, including:

Default: Player controls the Angry bird to retaliate against the pigs according to the default level of the game version. Completing this level, you will advance to another level of higher difficulty.
Endless Run: Gamer unleashes an army of Angry birds on the battlefield. If an Angry bird dies, there will be another Angry bird to lead the army to fight.
Graphics, sound

Angry Birds Transformers is built on the basis of 3D graphics, sharp, smooth images, brilliant colors. Angry birds are designed very cool, bearing the appearance of powerful robots. Diverse game context: countryside, plains, seas, hills, deserts, rainforests, caves, snowy mountains... and switch continuously according to each level, contributing to a fun, attractive war on a large scale. The game effect is attractive and impressive with the smoke and fire emanating from the weapons and the debris scattered in the sky when the pig bird base is demolished. The sound in the game simulates the moving footsteps of Angry birds, the explosion of guns, the engine sounds of vehicles and the screams of birds and pigs when being hit.

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