Among Us mod + apk 2023.3.28 Unlocked/ Menu

Among Us
App Name Among Us
Genre Action
Developer Innersloth Llc
Size 330MB
Latest Version 2023.3.28
Mod info Unlocked/ Menu
Update March 30, 2023 (8 months ago)

Description of Among Us

If you are a fan of boardgame games, especially Ghost Wolf, you should not miss Among Us Apk. This is one of the new and most attractive games of Innersloth provider.

Introduce about Among Us

AmongUs is a game of the action genre with a size of 76 MB. This game is developed by famous supplier Innersloth LLC. The game is compatible with your desktop, tablet, and Android device. If you use Android, you should update it with Android version 4.4+. 

among us 1

The game is inspired by the famous werewolf game with the main theme revolving around teamwork, the belief of a group of astronauts in space. The game has been out for more than 7 years with over 100,000,000 downloads, attracting many players around the world.

Unique and Novel Plot

The gameplay and plot of AmongUs Mod are also quite simple. And even if you're a beginner, the rules aren't too confusing. Because to win in this game, it is important that your reason quickly puts your faith in the right place. You may even need to deceive others if you are playing the role of a murderer.

This game requires your flexibility and intelligence, not too high requirements for skills. Besides, with werewolf-like games, if there is a group of friends to play with, it is extremely interesting. You will have hours of fun and get to know each other a lot.

among us mod

The background of amongus mod takes place in a spaceship in space, where the astronauts in the ship must attempt to find a way to launch the ship to leave space. Starting to play, you will be randomly assigned to play your role in one of two factions including the astronaut and the impostor. Either side, to win, you must do well with your goals and mission.

For the Astronaut faction, you must win by completing missions to launch the ship or chase all the impostors. However, the game will not let you easily find an imposter right away. Because it is not easy for them to reveal their identity early. Only when vandalism and murders occur will the astronauts have the clue about the impostor.

When destructive behavior occurs, you can hold an emergency meeting to discuss the suspicious behavior and vote to remove the suspects. Remember your ultimate goal is to eliminate impostors from spaceships.

If you are the imposter in Among Us, you should do everything to destroy all the astronauts. To do this, you first need to deceive people by pretending to perform tasks and chatting like real astronauts at discussions. Then you can create vandalism to cause chaos and split the crew.

It is quite difficult for the Impostor because they have a smaller number but if you create divisions and kill the key figures of the Astronaut faction, victory will be easier for you.

Many New and Interesting Features

It can be said that one of the factors that determine the success of the game Among Us is thanks to its unique features.

Playing with Many Friends

With Among Us, depending on the number of players, you can choose to add impostors, adding missions to make the game more interesting. However, the coolest feature in this game is still playing with friends. Those are truly wonderful experiences.

No Advertisements

As for relevant online games, the main hurdle is the ads that pop up in the middle. Thanks to the Innersloth developer  that these ads will not bounce again now in this game.

Free Accessories

In this game, you will get free accessories such as hats, skins, and pets. You can choose from any accessory you want without any restrictions.

Rejoin Forbidden Rooms

In the original version, you can't rejoin rooms where you're banned. However, with our link of Among Us, you can even join the forbidden rooms again.

No-Kill Cooldown

With this amazing feature, you can perform double or triple kills yourself. You can see ghosts and chat in this way, making it easy to exercise skills and identify teammate impostors.

Player Vision Increased

Among Us is designed to help you hack the vision in the game to make it easier to play

Always Impersonate Hack

This allows you to be an imposter whenever you want. This is helpful for players who are tired of being teammates for hours.

Speed ​​up the Player

Thanks to this feature, you can easily control the speed of the character you are playing with. You can increase its speed and easily get rid of the tackles your opponent doesn't notice.

Lithing Hack

It doesn't matter if the lights are off. This mod apk version allows you to see exactly without lights.


Among Us, the latest mod apk contains a wallhack feature, allowing you to witness the activities of other players through any object or wall. This feature gives you an advantage over casual players.

Good Image Quality Brings Smooth Experience

Regarding graphics, Among Us apk Game owns a simple 2D design in a classic style. You can easily see many fun images from the characters Astronaut and Assassins. Optimization in image quality creates a smooth experience, no lag, no battery drain, and eye strain for a longer experience.

You will encounter three maps where you can play. The three maps are designed to be very sharp and sophisticated. These include The Skeld (spaceship), Mira HQ (headquarters building), and Polus (planetary base). You can choose any map that suits you. Besides, there are many skins, pets, and hats that you can choose from for your character. You can also choose from 12 colors to customize your character.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy?

In the game among us hack, you will find a powerful mod menu. You can open the among us modded to unlock all hats, pets, and skins for free.

Most importantly, you can also play with your friends and family. This game can be played online or locally with your friends in a private room. All you need to do is create a separate room, share the game code with your friends and invite them to join. Everyone entertained together after stressful moments and loved each other together. I believe you will have a very wonderful and interesting experience in this game.

Download Among Us Mod Apk for android

After reviews of the game among us hacks download, I believe that this game will continue to be interesting for everyone around the globe. There is no need to be too fancy in the graphics and skills, but downloading the game still attracts a large number of players because of the interesting gameplay. This is a game to bond and you can understand your friends and loved ones. Download and install the game on your Android smartphone now and win heroic victories.

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