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Adobe Lightroom
App Name Adobe Lightroom
Genre Photography
Developer Adobe
Size 11.7MB
Latest Version 7.4.1
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Update October 11, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Adobe Lightroom

For those of you who are just starting to learn about graphics, photo editing or photographers, photographers are too familiar with image editing and management software. Prominent among them can be mentioned Lightroom MOD APK or still known as Lightroom. Let's discover what Lightroom has that can filter so many people through this article!



This app is a professional image management and editing software developed by Adobe Inc and part of Creative Cloud.

It can be said that Adobe Lightroom is for everyone who has a passion for image editing from amateur to professional thanks to its easy-to-use interface and operation. Especially suitable for photographers, who specialize in photography, when the number of photos of this subject is large and does not need a lot of manipulation as well as changing image details.

6 Basic Toolbars In Adobe Lightroom 

Here are 6 basic toolbars and steps for you to master the tool on your phone.

1. Selective allows you to detail an area and edit details on that selection.

2. The Healing Brush is used to patch and edit the selection just like any other selection. This is a feature to help beautify photos: remove acne, moles on the face.

3. Crop allows you to crop the image, adjust the ratio of the image as desired. You can also rotate the image horizontally, vertically, rotate by angle with many different options.

To adjust the brightness of a photo in Lightroom, you can look in the Light preferences to adjust the options:

Exposure: Increase the brightness of the highlight
Contrast: Adjust the contrast of the photo
Lightlights: Brighten highlights
Shadows: Create Shadows

4. Color helps you adjust the color of photos in Lightroom:

Temp: Adjust the temperature of the image
Tint: Adjust the color of the photo
Vibrance: Adjust saturation for saturated areas
Saturation: Adjust the saturation for the whole photo

5. Effects helps you to adjust effects for your photos in Adobe Lightroom:

Clarity: Adjust the smoothness of the photo
Dehaze: Clarification, in the detail of the photo
Vignette: Brighten/blur the edges of the photo
In addition, this Effects section has a lot of options to change effects for photos that I rarely use. You can find out more yourself.

6. Geometry

This is one of 3 paid features in it that helps you distort photos, edit photo frames according to your wishes.


Adobe Lightroom has all the same good photo editing tools as Photoshop, but it's features are aimed at a completely different user, who wants a tool that can edit many photos at the same time. at the same time with the same mode filter. It perfectly meets the needs of the casual photographer, designer or photo editor.

Edit and blend photos professionally

It is designed with a series of pre-set image effects, filters, and presets that make it easy for users to apply to photos. You can set and edit parameters: white balance, color saturation, contrast, image effects, etc.

With the web version, the software interface is designed quite simply and modernly with tabs for library management, editor, editor, slideshow... Convenient lines in the design interface and photo editing help users. Easily align colors and objects.

Smart photo collection management

One of the highlights of Lightroom is its intelligent image management feature. Thanks to the mechanism of saving the original image and the edited image in separate files, this software only participates in the image editing process but does not change the original image quality. Therefore, users can preserve the original image quality.

Good RAW image processing capabilities

Raw image is an image format that preserves all image details obtained from photographic equipment. When bringing Raw image files into Adobe Lightroom - the editing process will not lose the sharpness, contrast, color of the image... With the professional image editing tools of this software, the Raw image files will be " transformed” to become better.

Efficient image processing and export tools

The ability to export photos – print and send photos is one of the biggest advantages of this software. Users can completely convert a batch of Raw image files to JPEG to support saving to a separate folder on the drive, printing photos directly through connecting to a printer or uploading to social networks, websites ...

Download Lightroom Mod Apk for android

As can be seen, Adobe Lightroom apk is the right image processing program for photographers. With outstanding advantages, the application is increasingly popularly used, becoming a professional photo editing tool suitable for all types of users. Download the app today to get more beautiful photos.

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